Monday, October 8, 2012

NEWS ROUNDUP: Connie Britton & Hayden Panettiere Talk NASHVILLE; Amber Tamblyn Weds; Sally Pressman Pregnant

Connie Britton Promises Some Grand Ol' Soap Opera in NASHVILLE
"Honestly, when I read the script, I think the whole idea of this rivalry has been a little over developed. I never saw the show in those terms, and I'm going to work really hard to not have the show become about 'old' because I certainly don't feel old and I'm not interested in playing old. So I don't want it to be about old versus young, or about one woman versus another woman. I think what our two characters represent is two people in very different phases of their life and in very different phases of the music business."

Hayden Panettiere goes from singer to 'HERO' and now the new star of NASHVILLE
Juliette’s dark side has been a challenge, Panettiere says, and not just because it’s a change from Clair. Her real-life parents in Palisades, N.Y., a fire lieutenant and soap actress Lesley Vogel, didn’t raise her that way.

“My parents instilled respect for other people,” she says. “So when I have to go against the grain and disrespect somebody so wholeheartedly, it’s new to me.

“Sometimes they’ll cut and I’ll be like, ‘I’m so sorry. You know I adore you. I respect you.’

“But it’s interesting — and it does make it fun.”

ARMY WIVES star Sally Pressman is pregnant
The 31-year-old ARMY WIVES star married actor David Rogers, 34, in September 2011.

GENERAL HOSPITAL alum Amber Tamblyn, 29, Weds David Cross, 48
Filmmaker/director Lance Bangs shared an Instagram photo of the newlyweds dancing at their ceremony on Saturday.

7 Basic Types of Stories: Creatives explore humans' archetypal plots
Below are the seven basic plots—with examples from art and advertising of stories that fit each one.

1. Overcoming the Monster.
2. Rebirth.
3. Quest.
4. Journey and Return.
5. Rags to Riches.
6. Tragedy.
7. Comedy.

The Week On Twitter: A Social Silver Lining for DeMarcus Ware
Top 10 Trends on Twitter for last week.

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