Monday, October 22, 2012

NEWS ROUNDUP: Wyclef Jean & Robin Roberts Coming To NASHVILLE; AMC Back On Dish; Michael Park In "Soap Dish" Reading; ARROW Full Season

ABC's NASHVILLE Books Wyclef Jean for Recurring Role
The rapper, singer, politician and record producer will stick closely to what he knows best and play the head of a music label.

Jean announced the casting via Twitter, posting a photo (seen above) of himself with what he called the hottest cast on TV, featuring co-stars Sam Palladio (Gunnar), Clare Bowen (Scarlett) and Jonathan Jackson (Avery) and Rya Kihlstedt.

GMA's Robin Roberts to Appear in NASHVILLE
In the special episode, she interviews Juliette, played by Hayden Panettiere, who appears on the morning show to boost her career.

NASHVILLE Insider: How Real Guitars Help Characters Strike an Emotional Chord
With Buddy Miller and T-Bone Burnett taking the musical reins on the ABC soap, the six strings used on episode 2 symbolize triumph, betrayal and the pains of ambition.

AMC Networks and Dish Reach Deal for Return of Channels
AMC Networks’ flagship channel, AMC, returned to Dish on Sunday in time for the second episode of the new season of THE WALKING DEAD. The first episode drew 10.9 million viewers on Oct. 14 — even with the channel blacked out for Dish’s 14 million customers.

John Stamos, Jane Krakowski, Michael Park among soap alums in reading of "Soap Dish"
The cast of an upcoming late October reading of "Soap Dish The Musical" will include Kristin Chenoweth, John Stamos, Jane Krakowski, Cristin Milioti, Anne L. Nathan, Michael Park, Miriam Shor and Daniel Torres. At this time there has been no formal announcement, or set timetable for the show. The reading is being presented by Laurence Mark, Donald De Line and Broadway Across America.

Megan Draper inspires new 'Mad Men' collection
Banana Republic is adding a little “Zou Bisou Bisou” to their spring collection.

The store is collaborating with AMC for their third “Mad Men” collection (out March 1), according to Women’s Wear Daily. This line was inspired by Don Draper’s second wife, Megan (played by Jessica Paré).

The CW's ARROW gets full season
Stephen Amell tweeted: "Best way to start a Monday? Getting picked up for your back nine episodes. Thwick. #Arrow"

B&B star Scott Clifton gets married
Clifton (Liam, THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL) and fiancée Nicole Lampson exchanged vows in Los Angeles in front of friends, family and some B&B co-stars. Kristolyn Lloyd (Dayzee) Tweeted photos from the wedding, saying "So happy for ya!" Also in attendance were John McCook (Eric), Don Diamont (Bill), Ronn Moss (Ridge), Adam Gregory (Thomas), Kim Matula (Hope), Jacqueline MacInness Wood (Steffy) and Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki, THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS) with her husband Edward Scott, who is a producer at B&B.

The distinctive storytelling pleasures of HOMELAND
The entire series is a twist on what an hour-long drama usually does over the course of 12 or 24 episodes. Thus it dispenses its entertainment value on two levels simultaneously: On the surface, with its excellent acting, dialogue, and plotting; and — running beneath the show like electrical current — its jolting, disruptive storytelling, which tricks you in the best way: “This is what we’re building to,” one hour says implicitly. “Nope — hah! — this is where we’re going!” “Here, why wait? This is what happens this guy/this girl/this intel!”

Are You Ready For “Ultra HD” TV?
That’s now the official name for the next generation of television sets that will offer so-called 4K images — 8M pixels of resolution — the Consumer Electronics Association just announced. “Ultra HD is the next natural step forward in display technologies, offering consumers an incredibly immersive viewing experience with outstanding new levels of picture quality,” CEA chief Gary Shapiro says.

What Happens If TV Goes the Way of Music and Newspapers?
Les Moonves, the chief executive at CBS, said in an interview that if the cord-cutting revolution takes off, he is prepared to distribute TV directly to viewers through apps. "If the universe changes and they [viewers] want us to bring the content directly to them, then we can," he said.

This is music to the ears of those who've been predicting that the End of Cable will be as inevitable and consumer friendly as the webification of newspapers and the iTunes-ification of music. It sounds like the best of both worlds. In an on-demand world, you get the TV you love, and only the TV you love, without those hundreds of pointless channels you don't, and save all this money in the process! That's the dream, at least.

THE WALKING DEAD almost ended up at HBO or NBC
Both networks would only sign on if the producers agreed to "tone down" the zombie apocalypse, to which the producers responded "no thank you" and eventually would up at AMC's doorstep.

5 reasons why a return of A.J. Quartermaine would be good for GENERAL HOSPITAL
1. The Quatermaines. Viewers have watched Port Charles most powerful and dysfunctional family dwindle over the years as a result of death and members of the family leaving town. With the real life death of John Ingle who played patriarch Edward Quartermaine, it is rumored that the character will die on screen also. A return of A.J would be the writers chance to finally revive the Quartermaines and give them a purpose beyond just Tracy Quartermaine (Jane Elliot) who is the lone character who gets any decent air time.

LOST's Carlton Cuse Relives Dealing With the Modern Celebrity of the TV Showrunner
"Sometimes the fans want it both ways, of course. They want to feel like they’re influencing the show, and at the same time, they want to think that showrunners have the story all mapped out in our brains. But it can’t be both. In truth, we were usually far ahead of the fan feedback. Audiences would be watching episode two or three of a season, and we might be writing episode fourteen. And the reality is that a TV show is like a supertanker: It takes five miles to stop. It’s pretty hard to make course corrections when you’re that far downstream."

BREAKING BAD's Walt and Jesse get a catchy break-up song, à la Taylor Swift

The Only 8 Types of TV Shows That Get Made

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  1. As to 'Cord Cutting', perhaps it would not be as inevitable (which I believe it is inevitable now) if the Cable Companies had put off their greed and stop letting their costs skyrocket for no good reason. They also refused to offer a la carte packaging, something consumers were begging for for years. Now thanks to Hulu, Netflix, iTunes, Roku and plain old Internet streaming on the websites of Broadcasters(ABC, CBS, FOX, PBS, NBC, etc), people are creatively designing their own a la carte viewing. The only next logical step is the programs and/or networks offering apps that offer viewers the ability to stream/view their programs and/or channels directly to TVs of interested viewers.

    Such an option would be great for someone like me who no longer subscribes to Cable. Sure I have no problem waiting for Mad Men to come out on DVD but to be able to see the series when it is actually airing would be a nice option.

    I think it is too late to turn things back to what they once were. The proverbial Genie is now out of the Bottle.