MELROSE PLACE stars Heather Locklear, Courtney Thorne-Smith, Grant Show, Daphne Zuniga, Josie Bisset, Doug Savant, Andrew Shue and Laura Leighton reunited in a segment that aired on GOOD MORNING AMERICA Monday morning.

In footage shot at an EW photo shoot, Locklear, who played Amanda, said the show was "definitely the highlight of my career."

"When I saw this show before I was on it … I said ‘Oh, my God, that group looks fun to be with," she continued. "I want to be on that show. It’s been a really special cast."

Her sentiment was echoed by Shue, who appeared live on GMA. The actor, who played writer Billy Campbell, says that while the show was known for its high drama storylines, “We weren’t catty. There were no divas. It really was a family.”

Shue is married to GMA anchor Amy Robach, who interviewed the cast at the shoot.

Watch the reunion segment below:


  1. It is a bit awkward when Grant starts talking about kissing considering he was dating Laura Leighton for several years, wasn't he?

  2. Considering that Laura Leighton is married to Doug Savant I don't think it's much of a problem. Wasn't Grant a little real-life slut anyway back in the day!?

    However I have to say they ALL look amazing. Heather Locklear looks fantastic. I don't know what went wrong in CW's Melrose Place but here she looked great.
    Speaking of the lame CW attempt, considering how AWESOME all of them look ... it's time for a more Dallas-like version of MP. Forget what The CW tried and make this thing good. lol
    It would be so awesome ... but well ... it's most likely never going to happen. :(

    However, for me Melrose Place was THE shit in the 90s and in it's first years the best primetime soap of that decade.
    The cliffhangers were shocking. I'll never forget Kimberly taking off her wig for the first time. SO CREEPY! I was still young back then & Marcia Cross gave me a crazy nightmare after that episode.

  3. I was part of a group of friends that had MELROSE parties every Monday in the '90s. We had SO much fun watching that show.