Today in Soap Opera History (October 8)

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1969: On DARK SHADOWS, Adam (Robert Rodan) let Barnabas (Jonathan Frid) and Stokes (Thayer David) in to question Eve (Marie Wallace).

1970: On ANOTHER WORLD, Caroline (Rue McClanahan) told Pat she had never married as the right man never came along at the right time. Later, she told another nanny that she had met a man who was very interested in her.

1973: On ANOTHER WORLD, Alice (Jacqueline Courtney) told Steve (George Reinholt) she knew he had been with Rachel on the day Alice lost her baby. Watch the scene (a rare one that exists from this era of AW) below:

1982: On DALLAS, J.R. (Larry Hagman) schemed to get an advance look at Jock's will.

1983: Joan Hackett, who played Gail Prentiss in YOUNG DOCTOR MALONE, died at age 49.

1984: RYAN'S HOPE moved to the Noon ET timeslot on ABC with LOVING getting the show's old 12:30 p.m. ET slot.  It was an unpopular move with RH fans (and some actors) who felt ABC was favoring LOVING, the newest creation from Agnes Nixon.  RH ratings would suffer and the show went off the air after the January 13, 1989 episode.

1996: William Prince, who played Ken Baxter as part of the original cast of ANOTHER WORLD, died at age 83.

1999: On THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL, Eric (John McCook) was thrilled then Taylor told him one of the twins was named Stephanie.

2007: On AS THE WORLD TURNS, Colonel Mayer (Daniel Hugh Kelly) had his sights set on Luke Snyder.

2007: Telenovela AL DIABLO CON LOS GUAPOS premiered.

2008: Beloved ALL MY CHILDREN actress Eileen Herlie passed away at age 88. She was nominated for three Emmy Awards for her work as Myrtle Fargate on the soap. Check out a classic Myrtle scene below.

Celebrating a birthday today are:
Sigourney Weaver (ex-Avis, SOMERSET) - 63
James DePaiva (ex-Max, ONE LIFE TO LIVE; ex-Eddie, GENERAL HOSPITAL) - 54
Emily Procter (ex-Ainsley, THE WEST WING) - 44
Jeremy Davies (ex-Daniel, LOST) - 43
Dylan Neal (ex-Dylan, THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL) - 42
Adrian Morales (Bryan, THE CAVANAUGHS)
Kristanna Loken (ex-Paige, THE L WORLD; ex-Dani, AS THE WORLD TURNS) - 33

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  1. Thanks for the interview with James DePaiva. It was shameful that OLTL didn't ask him back for the show's finale, especially given that his wife, Kassie DePaiva, starred on the show and the final week featured a show where three of Max's significant loves played angels (Gabrielle, Megan, Luna.) I would've loved to have seen appearances by James DePaive (Max), Michael Storm (Dr. Larry Wolek), Timothy Stickney (R.J.), Anthony Call (Herb Callison), Wortham Krimmer (Andrew Carpenter), Laura Koffman (Cassie Carpenter) and Robin Strasser (Dorian Lord) before the show went off the air. Le sigh.