COZI TV Coming Soon

The Bionic Woman, Magnum, P.I., Charlie’s Angels, Highway to
Heaven, Lone Ranger and The Six Million Dollar Man are
among the classic shows that will air on COZI TV.
NBC Owned Television Stations today announced the introduction of COZI TV, a new 24x7 national network designed to deliver an easy-to-watch, comfortable and familiar viewing experience to audiences nationwide. COZI TV will combine many of America’s most beloved and iconic television series, hit movies and original programming with a warm and welcoming vibe that engages viewers. It will launch early next year on the digital channels of the 10 NBC-owned stations, which serve the nation’s biggest markets, and is available to local stations across the country.

COZI TV will be programmed around the clock, while offering local stations conveniently scheduled daily blocks of time that can be pre-empted for programming of interest to viewers, such as local news, sports and special events. This sought after format – designed by local broadcasters – will enable stations to air companion local programing to their primary channel.

“We’re excited to make a significant investment in well-known premium movie titles and TV shows – many of which haven’t been seen in years – as well as high quality original programming to create COZI TV,” said Valari Staab, President of NBC Owned Television Stations. “This new network will provide local stations an opportunity to give their viewers rare access to some of the greatest hits of all time with minimal distraction from their main focus of delivering local news and information.”

Drawing from the vast NBCUniversal library of movies and TV shows as well as from other top studios, including Sony Pictures, COZI TV will bring viewers access to some of America’s favorite entertainment. Well-known shows like Magnum, P.I., The Bionic Woman, Charlie’s Angels, Highway to Heaven, Lone Ranger and The Six Million Dollar Man will be featured on the network. COZI TV will also air a wide range of movies, showcasing iconic actors spanning generations, including legends Rock Hudson and Doris Day and modern day actors George Clooney and Drew Barrymore.

Additionally, COZI TV will be home to exclusive original programming that is currently under development by various partners. The network will also feature fresh, fun content that will air as interstitial programming to create an environment where people feel connected and comfortable. At the same time, it will incorporate innovative online and social media initiatives to engage the audience and enhance the viewing experience.

“COZI TV will break the mold in the multicast space by combining three popular programming genres – hit movies, known but not recently seen TV series and original programming – into one compelling network that will appeal to viewers who want to relax and escape,” said Meredith McGinn, Vice President of Multi-Station Local Programming for NBC Owned Television Stations, who will lead the new network. “Backed by the virtually limitless vault of NBCUniversal content, we are building not just a collection of great programs, but an experience for our viewers by putting them at the center of the network both on air and online. We cannot wait for our debut in just a few short months.”

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