ABC Entertainment President Paul Lee: 'Soap Is Not A Bad Word For Me. I'm Proud Of It'

The Sunday edition of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune included an article from Justin Neal on the return of REVENGE, which featured quotes from the show's actors, yours truly, and ABC Entertainment President Paul Lee.

A year ago, ABC killed Erica Kane and then turned right round and gave us Amanda Clarke. For a while there, ABC disagreed with itself when it came to serial dramas, we had the left hand yanking ONE LIFE TO LIVE and ALL MY CHILDREN while the right hand was setting up shows like REVENGE for success.  It seems that has changed with more support for GENERAL HOSPITAL and a primetime schedule full of soap operas.

"'Soap' is not a bad word for me. I'm proud of it," said Lee, who got his start working as an assistant producer on a Brazilian soap opera. "I feel that shows like REVENGE have made soaps cool again."

The network hopes to capitalize on the early success of REVENGE by moving it to the DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES time slot on Sunday nights at 9 p.m. ET between ONCE UPON A TIME and 666 PARK AVENUE.

"It's an historic time slot, so there's a lot of pressure, but it feels like a night the network thought a lot about," said REVENGE creator Mike Kelley. "It's a night about the battle of evil vs. good."

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  1. Does anyone know what they are doing with SoapNet? It was supposed to go away but I still have it.

  2. If he's all about soaps, then maybe he should of been one of the people to help keep AMC and OLTL on the air.