Friday, September 7, 2012

Michael Park Sings "My Angel" To Contest Winning Couple On THE TODAY SHOW

Julian and Jo Draper Grante appeared on the fourth hour of THE TODAY SHOW on Tuesday in a segment about their love story which won this month's "Everyone Has A Story" contest. Jo Draper Granate is the wife of Jullian Grante, an Air Force veteran with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma who believes that Jo is his greatest source of strength.

He served two tours in Vietnam and was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s in January of 2001 and has had three reoccurrences since that time. Cancer is the result of his exposure to Agent Orange while in Vietnam. Because it is in his lymph nodes, it moves to his body and can reappear at any time. Jo is his primary caregiver and has sacrificed so much to take care of him. He said he doesn’t have the adequate words to explain her wavering love to devotion, which has kept him strong. Over the years while he has been in the hospital for critical care and his many surgeries, his wife has always been by his side. When he goes to bed at night, she is right there beside him sleeping in a recliner and when he wakes in the morning she is holding his hand.

Last year when he was in the hospital after being diagnosed with colon cancer, he was unable to take care of his personal needs and without hesitation, his wife would bathe him. He said it was a very humbling experience to have his wife, or anyone for that matter, take care of him like she was taking care of one of their six grandchildren. He said he is so blessed to have a wife, friend and partner like Jo, who is honest, compassionate, faithful and caring.

Host Kathie Lee Gifford and David Friedman wrote a song just for them, "My Angel," and brought on AS THE WORLD TURNS alum Michael Park to sing it for the couple. Watch this sweet and touching segment below:


  1. That was beautiful. The story, the song, the performance. Thank you for sharing this.

  2. Love Michael Park - his beautiful voice fit the song perfectly. Very inspirational story of this married couple! Blessings to them!

  3. Go, Michael, Go! Also, Bless This Wonderful Couple!

    Brian :-)

  4. I wish many years of love and happiness to this couple. Such a beautiful song written by Kathi Lee and performed so magnificently by the one and only Michael Park. God Bless them all.