Eastwooding - Soap Opera Style With Jonathan Jackson & Nathan Parsons

Clint Eastwood caused quite the stir on the national stage of the Republican National Convention Thursday night when he interviewed an empty chair, addressing it as “President Obama.” The off-color interview sparked a rush of Internet buzz and produced at least two new twitter trends.

The twitter handle @invisibleobama inspired by the empty seat that accompanied Eastwood on the stage in Tampa, has generated more than 63,000 followers and counting. And its counterpart, #Eastwooding, has prompted tweeters on both sides of the political spectrum to post pictures of empty chairs. It seems everyone has enjoyed a little Eastwooding.

For fun, here's a photo of GENERAL HOSPITAL alums Jonathan Jackson and Nathan Parsons and, yes, an empty chair (the actors were actually waiting for their TV dad, Anthony Geary, at the time).

Jackson is one of the stars of ABC's upcoming primetime soap opera NASHVILLE, while Parsons made a huge splash this summer on the first season of ABC Family's BUNHEADS.

Whether your lean Left or Right or somewhere in between, feel free to share your own #Eastwooding image below.

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