Tuesday, September 4, 2012

NEWS ROUNDUP: B&B's Brad Bell On Lesbian Storyline & Rick! Plus, Maurice Benard, Susan Lucci, Kelly Ripa

B&B's Brad Bell says lesbian story will return, Rick is the new Ridge
"Joanna will definitely be back, if only for a day or two here and there," says Bell. "And once her [EMILY OWENS] schedule backs off a bit I want her back for something meaty. We may not see Karen for the time being but we'll play her as if she's still around and that she and Dani are still a happy couple. [Laughs] I'm not going to have Dani go off and seduce one of our guys."

"Rick is a young man sick of sitting on the sidelines and will finally come into his own," says Bell. "He'll become a passionate, sexy, driving force of the show, making a strategic play for Caroline [Linsey Godfrey] and going after Ridge's position as head of Forrester Creations."

Kelly Ripa, Michael Strahan And Gelman Talk LIVE! WITH KELLY AND MICHAEL
"I'm looking forward to the merchandizing and the branding of the gap," Ripa said. "I want the 'Mind the gap' t-shirt -- I look forward to that, the branding of our show."

Susan Lucci: Losing the Emmy 18 straight years didn't impact self-esteem
"I don't know how other shows worked because "All My Children" was the only show I was on, but we were all so busy every day from year to year there was no talk of Emmy. There was only talk of running lines and if the scene worked and on to the next. It really was an ensemble of wonderful actors. I knew at the end of the day that the people I worked with and for were happy with my work. The people I respected respected me. The audience response was enormous for me all the way through, which means the world to me. For myself, as an actor, I always feel that I have more to learn and more to grow. So if I didn't win, let me go back and see if I can do better."

GENERAL HOSPITAL's Maurice Benard to shoot film The Ghost And The Whale in January
"I believe in Maurice Benard and am intrigued by him," says director Anthony Gaudioso. "He played a small role in Duke and Medium, and my brother James and I both took notice. The Ghost And The Whale has Maurice in the lead role where he will undoubtedly stretch his acting muscles. It will be exciting to see what this fantastic veteran brings to the character."

Culp will recur during Season 9 of the ABC drama in the role of Dr. Parker, a top surgeon. It is not clear if Parker practices at Seattle Grace or elsewhere, given that some of the residents’ fates were in play at the close of last season.

Sizz starts contest for role in Dutch soap opera GTST
Sizz is using social media for a contest with the RTL soap opera GOEDE TIJDEN SLECHTE TIJDEN. Subscribers can send in photos of their 'cliffhanger' face on the Sizz Facebook page and whoever attracts the most likes and shares can win prizes associated with the show. The promotion runs until September 23. The show's producer Endemol will pick the best picture submitted and give the winner a role in the show.

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  1. The Dani and Karen story was talked about online more than it actually played out on TV.