NEWS ROUNDUP: Brandon Barash Film; Plus, Susan Lucci, RUNAWAYS, Steve Ford, Patrick Muldoon

Writer/co-star Shevaun Kastl on the casting of Brandon Barash in The Mourning Hour film
"I had met Brandon a few times through a mutual friend and knew, without a doubt, that he was perfect to play Carl Bakely. We were looking for someone that was, obviously, a great actor, but also someone who could pull off the nuance of the character. Carl is a flawed man. He is arrogant, charming, loving, unfaithful and idealistic. We needed an actor that could give a period appropriate performance, show the arc of a man who loves his wife and had the best of intentions for their marriage but who succumbed to the pressure of the times and lost his way. In fact, watching Brandon on GENERAL HOSPITAL is a huge part of what sold me on him. Johnny can be arrogant but also self-deprecating. He is extremely charismatic, but there is a vulnerability to him that makes your heart bleed. Johnny Zacchara is a modern day Carl, again, minus the mob affiliation!"

Watch a video interview with Barash about the film below:

Susan Lucci on her new show DEADLY AFFAIRS
“They’re the kind of crimes that take your breath away,” Lucci told the Track. “Real life love triangles. They’re crimes of passion... The idea that you never know what happens behind closed doors.”

TV teen soap follows teens off TV entirely
Beginning August 31, YouTube launched its first scripted series, RUNAWAYS, available on the website's "AwesomenessTV" channel. It's a tale of murder and mystery at a posh prep school. The prettiest and most popular couple has gone missing on the very day that another student was found murdered. Are they also victims? Will they be implicated in the crime? Are they merely on the lam for romantic reasons? YouTube will make another 35-minute episode of RUNAWAYS available every day over the next seven days. The series features the kind of performances you would expect from model-perfect teens all decked out in prep school suits and ties.

WHERE ARE THEY NOW: Y&R alum Steve Ford to be Keynote Speaker at the Texas Self Storage Association Convention
Ford was a teenager when his father assumed the role as president of the United States. At 18, he left the White House to pursue his dream of being a cowboy on a cattle ranch (while being closely guarded by 10 secret service agents). He later went on to become a successful actor appearing in THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS (Andy) and numerous films. Ford will share humorous anecdotes, inspirational stories, and firsthand details about being in the movies.

Carly Wicks Returns to EASTENDERS
The character - played by Kellie Shirley - will appear in Albert Square to support her mother Shirley Carter (Linda Henry) when she hears she has gone on a "downward spiral" after discovering Ben Mitchell murdered her friend Heather.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES star Patrick Muldoon on staying chiseled
"I grew up in a family of lifeguards. My father was a lifeguard before becoming an attorney. I used to play under his tower in Cabrillo beach in San Pedro. My grandfather was a lifeguard too, and I spent so much time on the beach. All the guys there were big into weightlifting; it was such a competitive athletic environment for me to grow up in, and it rubbed off."

Beverley Callard on CORONATION STREET comeback: The door's still open
When asked by the Daily Express whether she would ever reprise her role, Callard is quoted as replying: "The door is still open."

TVNZ treats CORONATION STREET fans badly - again
"News that TVNZ is axing the hour-long Saturday night episode defies belief as much as some of the plots on the street. For whatever reason, Coro St has been pushed and pulled from one time slot to another in recent years and every time that happens there is an uproar and the TVNZ execs are left with omelette on their faces."

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