Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Top TV Shows for Reaching Key Voters: Liberals like GAME OF THRONES, Conservatives DAYS OF OUR LIVES

Just in time for the party conventions, Experian Simmons has put out a report on the Top-20 TV shows that have the highest concentration of each political party’s most loyal party voters. ESPN’s regular season college football is densest with Ultra Conservatives, while Comedy Central’s THE DAILY SHOW is thickest in Super Democrats. Also scrutinized for their TV viewing habits were three important swing voter segments during this election cycle: Mild Republicans, On the Fence Liberals and Green Traditionalists.

Below are the rest of the Top 20s per political leaning.


  1. Interesting article...

    I wonder where some of the other past and present soaps would fit in.

    My guess is that ATWT, AMC, OLTL would have liberal leanings

    GH,BB, GL would be middle of the road.

    YR, Days, Passions would be Conservative..

    Just my guess ... No scientific findings in my opinion..

  2. Other than DAYS, all my other shows are on the two liberal lists. Thankfully!