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INTERVIEW: Lea Thompson Previews SWITCHED AT BIRTH Season 2

Moving easily between dramatic and comedic roles, actress Lea Thompson has established a career that encompasses film, television and theatre. She is perhaps best known for her role in Steven Spielberg and Robert Zemeckis’ Back to the Future, I, II, and III (Kid’s Choice Award winner) and as the title character in the syndicated series, CAROLINE IN THE CITY, for which she won TV Guide and People’s Choice awards.

Thompson currently stars in ABC Family's SWITCHED AT BIRTH as Kathryn Kennish, the matriarch of an upper-class family who got the shock of her life - the baby girl she brought home from the hospital isn't the one she gave birth to. SWITCHED returns on Monday, September 3 at 8 p.m. ET/PT. We Love Soaps recently spoke with Thompson about her career and what's ahead this fall.

WE LOVE SOAPS TV: I love that Kathryn had that romantic moment with the younger lawyer, because I’m 36 so I grew up with you in sexy roles, I think that’s how most people think of you, and I’m curious what do you like better, what’s more fun, playing a mom or playing the sexy roles?
Lea Thompson: Well, moms are sexy, that’s how they got into that predicament in the first place. (laughs)

WE LOVE SOAPS TV: Good answer. Good answer.
Lea Thompson: And I’ve been playing moms, you know, since I was 21, so it’s just different aspects of moms. But I do like the idea of representing the honest truth about women in that they are mothers but they also still have some spark left in them and they still have a lot of drama and excitement, I mean, everyone knows that. So I just really like playing real people or well-rounded characters, and that usually includes romance and all of that. I like that they let me do that, have that moment, because I always tease, we all tease Constance Marie because she has such gorgeous men all the time. And I’m like, you are definitely a fantasy for all those housewives out there, to imagine that they could have this line-up of hunks all going, please love me, please love me. She’s the luckiest girl on TV, I’ve got to say.

WE LOVE SOAPS TV: Around the office here we have a consensus, we think Kathryn might be the best mom on TV right now as far as what’s realistic, but also she’s really good at it, she’s got a lot of stuff coming her way. So I imagine for an actress portraying that character it’s kind of a responsibility. Do you have fans who ask you for parenting advice and how do you respond to that?
Lea Thompson: I think she is a nice mom, Kathryn, because I think she really tries to open up her mind and really see the kids’ point of view. Like I was saying earlier in the interview I thought she was the bad guy at first, but then I realized she wasn’t. I think she also has a really soft and deep love for people, and compassion, so I think those are qualities that we’d all like in a mom. And in terms of parenting advice, I personally have two children, so I have nothing but respect and admiration for moms. I know what a difficult job it is. So more than advice I usually just have empathy for other moms and how much you have to grow as your children grow and how you have to keep accepting them as different people. As they get older and older you have to accept them as they change and realize that they have their own path and that they’re not like just an extension of you, that they are actually real, whole people that have their own journey, and you know that can be really hard to do. It means that you have to keep growing as they grow. So I guess that’s my advice, but I don’t know. You make a lot of mistakes you have to forgive yourself for too when you’re a mom, because you’re just a person yourself. But it’s interesting, I’ve been playing a mom since I was 21, and moms are just people, they’re all different and they have different ways of doing it.

WE LOVE SOAPS TV: I’ve spoken with most of your cast mates, and I’ve heard so much about your pillows, way back in the beginning and how much they meant to everybody, everybody mentioned it, so I’m curious how did you get that idea and how did you decide who got what kind of pillow?
Lea Thompson: Oh, that’s so funny. I forgot about that. I don’t know. I just remember, when you get into your creepy little dressing room you’re like I want a nice, clean, soft pillow to rest on, so I just bought these. And I also thought, I got these little fuzzy pillows with little animals on them, and I just looked at them, and I knew the actors, not that well, but I also thought, what would Kathryn, when they were little kids, especially for the kids, how would she see them, and there’s something goofy about my character in kind of a lovable way, she’s very sincere. And so that’s so sweet that they mentioned the pillows. I just thought that that was a good present, better than flowers, because it would keep lasting for the whole run of the show.

WE LOVE SOAPS TV: I know from experience that the ABC Family audience is sort of in a league of their own as far as fandom, and I’m curious if you can share with us one or two of your most touching or surprising fan interactions since you started SWITCHED.
Lea Thompson: Recently I was on the beach with my kids and my neighbor, her daughter can’t hear -- she has several other disabilities, but one of them being that she can’t hear -- and now she’s about 11 and she’s been my neighbor and I’ve watched this little girl growing through these really intense disabilities, and as soon as she started being able to sign she could come out, her personality could come out. And she recognized me because she loves SWITCHED AT BIRTH because there’s sign language in it. And it really brought tears to my eyes to see her and all the other little girls on the beach who are now learning sign language and learning it from SWITCHED AT BIRTH so they can communicate with this little girl who was stuck in her own little world, which was very frustrating to her. But now she can communicate that she wanted a picture of me that she can take back to her school so she could show off that she knew the mom from SWITCHED AT BIRTH, and it was really touching to me.

So it’s mostly been about that, about how the sign language and the fact that we’re dealing with these issues that these people have been facing without a show to help them out with it, or to make it okay to be deaf and to make it okay to try to communicate with someone even though you don’t know sign language exactly, you’re trying, and that’s all that matters, I think that’s been a really effective and beautiful experience for a lot of people who felt alone. That’s been the most beautiful thing about this show. It really is speaking to an under-served community of people who are deaf or hard of hearing and making other people understand about sign language and interested in learning it themselves.

Has SWITCHED AT BIRTH given you maybe a new fan base, or a larger fan base now that there’s much younger viewers?
Lea Thompson: Yes, it’s been really exciting connecting with a different demographic. It’s also really beautiful for me to get a tweet that says, “Oh, my God Kathryn Kennish is mom, I just saw her in this movie Back to the Future. She plays Lorraine Baines.” It’s like the opposite, they’re discovering my older work, and I really enjoy it. And I also think that this program, the network’s targeted toward teenage girls and their mothers but there’s also men that really like to watch the show with their families. But I think that it’s a really important thing to do a show. I think teenagers, or girls are so complicated and so hard to navigate, and I feel really proud to be part of a program that in some way helps young women have a voice and deal with issues and think about things in a productive way. And I really love that I have that fan base, because I have two teenage daughters, well not anymore, one of them’s 21 and one’s 17, but I just lived through those years and I know how they need good role models and ways of speaking about issues with their moms and sometimes, when you see it on TV, it’s a great way to talk about things. So I’m really happy to have this new group of fans and I’m really excited about the show.

Like many of your previous characters Kathryn is a very strong, determined woman, and I’m wondering in what ways do you see yourself in her?
Lea Thompson: Well, what’s very interesting for me about Kathryn is that, she’s a woman who had this insulated life, her husband was a famous baseball player, she’s always had a lot of money and lived in a good neighborhood and thought she had figured it out and done everything perfectly, and then she realizes that she made a terrible mistake and she took the wrong baby home from the hospital and didn’t even know it. So it kind of shocks her into meeting new people and to reaching out and to hanging out with people she never thought she would and learning sign language. Her world is expanding and also, at the same time, her children are getting older and she realizes what is she going to do with the rest of her life, so she goes and she’s writing this book and all of a sudden becoming kind of a career woman, which is changing her whole life.

So I kind of relate to that because both of my kids are now older, and that weird feeling you have when you’ve been concentrating on being a mother for so long. I’ve always been working, I’ve always had a career, but now they don’t need me in the same way and I have to try to figure out what to do with the rest of my life. So that’s one way that I really relate to Kathryn Kennish.

I was wondering if you could talk a little bit about how life changes for Kathryn, and Kathryn and John specifically, once she has the fame of being a best-selling author.
Lea Thompson: Well, I think it’s one of those things where you’ve been married for a long time and then all of a sudden the person that you thought you knew everything about changes and your perspective on them changes. Kathryn is just coming into her own, she’s getting a voice of her own, and I think she was always a little more subservient or something to her husband in terms of his fame and him having all the limelight, and now she’s got a little bit of limelight, and it definitely shakes things up. And that’s a really interesting lesson to learn about marriage, is that, and I’ve been married for 23 years, and so things change and you have to adjust to that. And in a lot of ways it’s great. It adds a new spice to your marriage.

And so I think there’s a lot of ups and downs within their marriage, and also there’s a young lawyer that’s helping them with the case against the hospital and he takes a little bit of shine to Kathryn, which is so surprising to her, she hasn’t really thought of herself that way for a long time, so that’s also kind of a shock to their marriage, I think. But D.W. Moffett, who plays my husband, is such a wonderful actor and I have such a great time working with him, I love everything he does, so it’s kind of fun to have conflict and get to act with him that way.

Another source of conflict might be Angelo. Can you talk a little bit about how that changes the dynamic as well and how Kathryn reaches out and is there for Bay, and Daphne too, through this?
Lea Thompson: When I first read the pilot I really thought that Kathryn was the bad guy, I really did. I thought “Oh, here she is this entitled rich lady.” And then I said it to Lizzy Weiss and she was like, no, I love her, and so I had to completely change my idea of her. She really is an amazing person. She is the glue that holds this whole new family together. She’s the one that really tries to put her prejudice and her comfort zone aside in order to make everything work and make everyone get along. Angelo, she’s never really trusted Angelo, but for Bay’s sake she has to try to make it work. And she is definitely like me, if I find another person in my family I’m like “Yay, let’s bring them in, let’s try to include everybody,” and I’m a real big family person so I can really relate to that about Kathryn, even though deep down she does not trust Angelo. He’s just too charming. I think it’s much harder on John because he really realizes that he’s not Bay’s father on some level and that’s very, very difficult for him.

Do you enjoy dramatic or comedy more? And has comedy always come easy to you?
Lea Thompson: No, comedy’s the hardest thing in the world. But one of the things I really love about SWITCHED AT BIRTH is that D.W. Moffett, Constance Marie, and I are well known for our comedy chops and the fact that Lizzy Weiss cast us was, I thought, a really great sign for the future, because there is a light touch to SWITCHED AT BIRTH, I think. And I’m not really fond of people who don’t have a sense of humor, so I like that our characters, even though there’s a lot of drama and a lot of crying and getting angry and all that, there is still a light touch and a sense of comedy and that all the characters do have a sense of humor, and of course Vanessa Marano is hilarious, she’s like the funniest person I know, she plays Bay on the show, and so that’s one of the things I like about the show. And those procedurals or cop procedurals, I think I’d really have a hard time doing that because everyone’s so serious all the time. At least we get to kind of make fun of ourselves, which is just how I like people to be in general. I hope that answers your question.

What do you find the most challenging?
Lea Thompson: On the show? The most challenging thing is learning the sign language, and not just learning the sign language but translating the sign language because it doesn’t exactly translate, which is something everyone should always know about other languages, is that there’s no perfect, direct translation. So when we’re trying to take lines that we’re speaking and signing they’re usually different, you’re not saying exactly what you’re saying, so that becomes challenging and learning the sign language. And of course if you do it too much when you’re not used to it, it hurts your hands and arms.

Do your daughters watch SWITCHED AT BIRTH? And what do they think of the show?
Lea Thompson: My daughters love ABC Family and they love the show. And they’re always squealing, and it’s really fun, we all get in my bed and watch the show, which is really fun. I love that it’s a show that they like to watch. They’re 17 and 21, and they’re both actresses, and so it’s just great. And they’re fans of all the actors and they geek out, and it’s really, really awesome.

There are so many twists and turns on SWITCHED AT BIRTH, do the writers let you know what’s going on ahead of time, or do you find out these surprises as you get each script?
Lea Thompson: They do not tell us what is going to happen ever. And the only reason that Lizzy Weiss, the creator, doesn’t tell us is because she loves watching us go, Oh, I can’t believe that happened. She really just literally gets some kind of sadistic pleasure out of it, I don’t know, and so it makes for fun. And also always the re-dos, because we always do a re-do, it’s always really fun, sometimes we don’t get the script until right when we’re going to read it through and so we’re right there. What’s nice about it is that we can understand how much fun it is for the fans to discover these things as they happen.

That’s awesome that you guys are kind of experiencing it in a way kind of like we are as watching it.
Lea Thompson: Exactly, exactly. And you know, I don’t know how she does it, I don’t know how they come up with such fantastic surprises all the time, but they do, they do. They keep everybody interested. And there’s always some kind of new fabulous, gorgeous guy coming on the show, which we all appreciate.

Your character, Kathryn, has a daughter who was SWITCHED AT BIRTH and now in real life how would you react and how would you handle it if you found out one of your real daughters had been SWITCHED AT BIRTH?
Lea Thompson: Well, that’s a tough question. I think I probably would react in a lot of the same ways as Kathryn. I think I would try to get to know my daughter and get to know her world. I love family. I love the idea of family. And I try to do whatever I can to keep my family close to the rest of my family, so I think it would be so difficult. One of the things that Kathryn deals with is that she made a terrible mistake. She didn’t know that she was taking the wrong baby home. She didn’t recognize her own baby. So her whole idea of what a good mother she is, is totally rocked. And I can relate to that. I think a lot of women blame themselves for everything, and so I think Kathryn really blames herself, but she instantly loves the daughter she gave birth to, and certainly loves the daughter that she raised. What I think is interesting about the show is how they stay in their families, they stay with the people that they were raised by. Even though we live together we stay pretty close to the people we raised, which I think is really how it would be. And even though people don’t know somebody that was SWITCHED AT BIRTH, most families have some contact with either someone who was adopted or they were adopted and then they meet their parents, or they have egg donors, or they’re step-children. Our idea of what is family is always evolving and is it nature or is it nurture, so I think that’s what makes the show so viable and interesting to people, one of the things.

We were talking about your daughters, you’ve got a daughter named Zoey that starred on Disney Channel in several episodes of Suite Life playing Maya.
Lea Thompson: Right.

Will we be seeing her back on Disney Channel any time soon?
Lea Thompson: I don’t know. She just did a movie called Beautiful Creatures that’s coming out in February with Jeremy Irons and Emma Thompson, and my other daughter, Madelyn Deutch, is doing a movie called The Wild Ride, about the Kentucky Derby, with Skeet Ulrich. So they’re both acting. I hope they’re going to be on the Disney Channel soon, but I don’t know. They’re both working now.

Zoey was incredible on THE SUITE LIFE and she takes right after her mother as a great actress.
Lea Thompson: Oh, bless your heart. Thank you so much. I’ll tell her you said that.

Would you return to Broadway? And if so, what role would you play today?
Lea Thompson: I would love to. And the one part, which I would never get, is I’d love to play Mama Rose in "Gypsy," you know that great part, that’s one part I’d like to play. But you know what, I love acting on stage, so I sure hope I get another great part. I did Sally Bowles in "Cabaret" on Broadway for many months, and that was one of the great experiences of my life. They actually let me sing a little tiny bit in SWITCHED AT BIRTH this season, whatever part of the season that’s coming up.

How do you think Mikhail Baryshnikov’s Simon Cowell comment to you about your dancing shaped your life today?
Lea Thompson: Well, Mikhail Baryshnikov, I was auditioning for ABT and he said, “We’d love to have you, you’re a lovely dancer, but you’re too stocky.” And then I was very sad because I was very thin, and then I quit dancing. I just walked out and I quit dancing, and then I became an actress right away. So it definitely changed my life for the positive, because I’m by far a way more successful actress than I would have been as a dancer. The main thing I got from that was that whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, but also that sometimes the thing you think is the worst thing in your life is actually the best thing. So it’s an important thing to try to remember when you’re in the depths of some kind of horrible depression, that whatever happened to you might be the best thing that ever happened to you. You just never know, there’s always a greater plan and we’re perhaps not wise enough to know what it is.

What has been the most challenging aspect of being a mom in today’s generation with social media and technology, Lea?
Lea Thompson: Well, I don’t really know how to be a mom in any other way, but I’ve tried to stay up on things so that I could know what my kids were talking about and what they’re doing online and Facebook and Twitter and all that stuff and understanding why they like it, and then understanding what to warn them about. But I think it’s always been hard to stay honest with your kids and warn them of the real consequences to the things that they do. I think it’s easy for them to forget, or not want to know the consequences of what they’re going to do. But I think ... for me when I inform them of the real problems and the real dangers of what’s going on, I think they get it and it’s only when you don’t understand that they’re, I don’t know, for me I just was really honest with them about why they shouldn’t post a picture of themselves doing this or doing that, you know. But it’s a different world, and no one’s really sure about how it all ends up. But if you use these kinds of things in a positive way, then they can be useful to you in creating community and work.

How has the cast relationship has evolved over the past couple of seasons?
Lea Thompson: They’re just the best people. I just love them. Constance makes me laugh every day. Vanessa is the funniest, smartest girl, we call her 911, and we always go, “Thirty years in the business,” like pretending we’re smoking a cigar. She’s just so professional and so interested and so smart and funny, witty. And then Lucas Grabeel has got this heart of gold, he’s so talented. It’s such a joy I get to sing a tiny little song with him in the show, and it was like such a great moment for me. He’s a very special person. And then D.W. Moffett’s hilarious and we just get along like a house on fire. And then Katie Leclerc is the most beautiful, funniest, kindest person I know, so I feel really blessed. The young girls, you know, this is a hit show, we won awards, it’s getting a lot of attention, and they’ve never let it go to their heads. They’re just professional, happy to have a job, committed, but not difficult to work with. We all come in, if we have to cry we don’t have to make things difficult for each other, we just cry. But when you have to go to work and you have to work for 12 hours and you’re in a relationship that could last for many, many years it’s such a blessing to be with such nice people. I really couldn’t ask for a better crew, and especially because we’re doing drama it’s really fun that everyone’s got a nice sense of humor.

Certainly technology has evolved over the years. And you also, of course, mentioned Twitter a lot, I’m wondering, if Twitter was around during your Some Kind of Wonderful days or Back to the Future days is that something that you think you would get more instant feedback from fans, or would you have liked to communicate with fans that way, or were you maybe more private?
Lea Thompson: That was a definitely different time, and I think this is the same for ridiculously famous people, you were separated from your fans. You weren’t supposed to talk to them for fear you’ll say something stupid, which I do every day. But it always felt uncomfortable to me. I really like people. I really like getting a sense of the pulse of what’s going on and what they’re feeling. I like Twitter because most of the time people are pretty kind and it’s not anonymous really, so people aren’t that gross thing when people are anonymous hiding behind a fake name. It’s just not natural. It’s wrong. If people are going to say something, do you know what I mean, they should say it. It’s bad enough if you can’t look at someone in the eye, but if they’re just saying mean things and hiding behind a fake name it’s very cowardly. But Twitter doesn’t feel like that. It feels like people are generally polite, and so I enjoy that interaction and I enjoy Instagram even more than Facebook and all that. I actually get business done. I was doing radio interviews today, and one of them, we missed one. And he tweeted me like, “Are you okay?” and then I was like “Oh, I’m sorry we missed you,” and I got his number and I called him. So I didn’t make an enemy. I kept an interview, so it’s actually a really interesting way to communicate. Does that answer your question? Also, sometimes famous people that I know, they’ll communicate with me and we’ll say hey, and they’ll say, do you want to do this charity, and I’ll say, oh, sure. And it’s a really good way to communicate, I think, at least right now for me.

I’m hoping since Eric Stoltz has been working on Glee a little bit with doing some directing he may coerce you somehow to come over and do an episode so we can hear some more singing from you too.
Lea Thompson: Oh, I would ... any day, yes, that would be awesome. I love Glee and I love Eric. And I think it’s really funny that he’s a director, but I guess we all grew up. I’m a director too. Thank you, though. You tell him to put me on that show.

Oh, he’s on Twitter, you tell him.
Lea Thompson: I know. I have talked to him on Twitter, that’s true.

Is there any specific guest star you’d like to see on the show?
Lea Thompson: Brad Pitt, Andrew Garfield. Well, we’re so lucky to have Gilles, and we’ve had such amazing guest stars. We had Meredith Baxter playing my mother. I hope she comes back. I thought she was amazing. And let me think, as the show grows and is on longer we’ll get more and more interesting people. I can’t think of anybody that we should get. I’m sorry. The sky’s the limit.

Is there anybody that regardless of whether they would guest star on the show, though, that you’d really love to work with, even actors or directors? I’m guessing Brad Pitt.
Lea Thompson: Well, I’m going to go do a movie called Ping Pong Summer, it sounds like a weird title, but Susan Sarandon’s going to be in it with me and I’m a big fan of hers so I’m really excited to be working with her. It’s always like Christmas for me, it’s like a surprise and I get to work with such wonderful actors. But I think if I ever could work with Meryl Streep, who’s in my opinion the greatest actress of our time, I would love that. That would be the most amazing thing, because everything she does is so inspiring. Apparently if you really need someone to cry in acting class, a girl, you just say Meryl Streep and they cry, “I’ll never be as good.” But I don’t feel that way. I just feel like if I could just act with her, because when you’re acting with somebody you experience them in a completely different way and it’s always profound. Some part of them kind of joins you and it’s awesome. So that’s my answer, my long-winded answer, Meryl Streep.

Have there been any plot lines that you might have wished went in another direction, or do you have any ideas about how you’d like any of the current plot lines to go?
Lea Thompson: I do have my ideas. I think the whole book thing kind of came from me, because sometimes you give the writer a little bit of an idea of what you think, and I was really interested for the people who watch the show in exploring the idea of a woman whose kids are getting older and she’s spent her whole life kind of being a housewife and being second to the husband and the kids and the house and just being kind of service and all of a sudden she realizes what is she going to do with the rest of her life now that the kids are getting older. And so I talked about that because I feel that myself with my kids being older, and I said, you know, it would be interesting to see how she blossoms that way. And they came up with the idea of the book and that she wants to have a career of her own. So I like that plot line and I like the idea that Kathryn is getting a little more Bohemian and a little looser and her world view is opening up a lot, and I like that. I think some of the plot lines I would like to have they won’t do because the character of Kathryn and John, their marriage is very important to the network, so I would like them to have really big problems in their marriage, but I don’t think that’s going to happen.

Too much drama, huh?
Lea Thompson: I think they like our relationship, and we do have a really great relationship and we do have great chemistry. I mean, I think we have really good chemistry, D.W. and I, as actors.

Oh, you do. You definitely do. And the last thing, do you have any preference about how Bay and Emmett’s story is going to go?
Lea Thompson: I don’t. I think what he did was so terrible I don’t think Kathryn would want them to get back together, but she is pretty accepting. And Emmett has been really trying. He’s been really feeling bad about it. Trust me, I don’t know. They don’t tell us what’s going to happen.

SWITCHED AT BIRTH is on a Disney owned network. Would you consider doing other Disney projects, and what would be your dream Disney project that you’d love to do?
Lea Thompson: My dream Disney project that I would love to do, I would love to be a singing voice in one of the animated movies. I never have done that. And I love singing. I would love to be some kind of grand singing witch or something, you know? So that would be mine, something that I could sing in Disney. I think they do those movies so well and I remember my children always having to have the Beauty and the Beast dress, and The Little Mermaid. The Little Mermaid was my favorite movie of theirs and so it just has a really strong place in my heart. I think that some kind of singing role for a Disney animated movie would be my dream.

Maybe they can create you a new character, Princess Lea.
Lea Thompson: Perhaps. Instead of Leia, I could be Lea.

What are some other things that surprised you about your character?
Lea Thompson: I love Lizzy Weiss, the creator and the main writer on the show, I love that she sees both sides of the coin all the time. She’s a very interesting person. She should kind of be a lawyer or a debate artist, because she can definitely see both sides of the argument and write them so that they’re both right, and that’s a beautiful thing for an actor and for a person to think about. So there’s been a few surprises. I’m actually surprised at how inclusive she is and I’m surprised that when she gets mad sometimes she lets me get really mad and I’m surprised at that, and I’m really surprised at how she can grow. She definitely has grown a lot. There’s been a really good arc for her character, and for someone who’s been so sheltered and her world has been very small and closed in, she’s got an ability to move outside of the box and write her book, I mean, this crazy thing of writing her own book, that’s crazy. I wish I would get to that. I wish Lea Thompson would do that. So that was a big surprise. And of course at the end of these eight episodes there’s a big surprise at the trial that Kathryn does that I was very surprised about.

What is one surprising thing that you, being in Hollywood that other people might not about that kind of world?
Lea Thompson: One of the interesting things is that the more that I’ve seen the more famous you get the more miserable you get. It’s a very hard world to live in and I think it’s even worse now with everybody having a camera. I think that that and if you believe your own publicity it’s just misery. Those are some of the things I’ve learned in Hollywood. Also, honestly, if you do good things, good work, work that you’re proud of from your own perspective, from inside your own self, it doesn’t matter if five people see it or a million people see it. If you do good work the way it feels inside of you is no different. It’s completely the same. And every single little decision you make, every single time that you’re nice to people as opposed to being mean to people, it all adds up to how you feel about yourself and how happy you are. So that’s a surprise, because from the outside it seems like you’re only happy when you’re successful, but the truth is you’re only happy when you’re doing good work and being a good person. So those are surprises in Hollywood. Does that make any sense?

Oh yes.
Lea Thompson: Having been in Hollywood for 30 years, that’s how I perceive it. It’s like anything, though, what you put into it is what you take out of it. I just feel like I’ve been always interested in doing good work no matter what the medium is or how much money I’m making or how many people are going to see it, and that’s paid off for me.
Lea Thompson: Also about the book! Kathryn Kennish wrote it, not me, but the character of Kathryn Kennish wrote this book, which is very interesting, especially for big fans of SWITCHED AT BIRTH, and it’s out today in various online places. I have my own copy. But for big SWITCHED AT BIRTH fans it’s very interesting and nicely written. So there you go, I talked about the book.

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  1. Lea Thompson does a fantastic job as a mom in this show and it’s a role that works for her. This show is a terrific story of blending families together and then dealing with issues that may come up. My Hopper is set to record the season premiere on Monday night but I’ll be at work at Dish so I’ll have to watch it when I get home. At least I know Switched At Birth will be there waiting for me when I get home. The entire cast on this show is so awesome and the stories that are being told are really relatable. This is why the show has been so successful. I can’t wait for Monday’s new episode!