Jeanne Cooper On Daytime Soap Genre: It's Not Being Taken Away, It's Being Killed

Jeanne Cooper On Daytime Soap Genre: It's Not Being Taken Away, It's Being Killed THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS legend Jeanne Cooper (Katherine Chancellor) is currently doing a book and press tour in support of her new memoir, "Not Young, Still Restless," out this week.  The Emmy winner appeared on "The Morning Jolt" with Larry Flick on Sirius XM and "The Morning Show" on WTYM on Wednesday and talked about the book and the current changes taking place behind the scenes at the soap.

Cooper said that she had spoken in the past with ousted executive producer and head writer Maria Bell about the difficulties of managing two major projects (Y&R and the MOCA museum board).

"I have to say in Maria's defense, Maria basically turned around a museum, but it's very difficult to wear two hats. When you are running two big projects, you can not give your hundred percent to either one of them. One of them has to fall short. And when that happens, and you have those two hats to wear, you sure as hell better have people around you that have your back, not waiting for you to make a mistake, cut your knees off and take your job."

Cooper believes that soaps still have a place but are being mismanaged. [EDITOR'S NOTE: This was the sentiment of our 25 Biggest Blunders list.]

"It's not being taken away," Cooper said of the daytime soap opera genre. "It's being killed."

She also has strong political beliefs.

"I'm really tired of the big corps trying to tell America, 'You will like what I give you,' and if you don't like it, tough."

You can listen to the fun and revealing "Morning Jolt" interview on the newest Daytime Confidential podcast.

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  1. The name of Jeanne's memoir is actually "Not Young, Still Restless." Just an FYI. :)