NEWS ROUNDUP: Eric Braeden Loves Sports, Controversial Telenovela Book; Plus, Julianne Moore, DALLAS in UK, Todd Akin

Y&R's Eric Braeden knows sports drama
“The great thing about America, what I’ve loved about it, is how sports-friendly it is,” Braeden said. “In America, sports are respected and loved.”

“America has the best athletic programs,” Braeden said. “Even when the Soviet Union existed, that was Mickey Mouse compared to the U.S.”

“That’s the biggest shame there is, that LA doesn’t have a team,” he said. “I was a big fan of the LA Rams and when they left, I lost interest. Then there was the Raiders, and they left. How they can’t have a football team in the biggest market in the world is beyond me.”

A new telenovela photography project causes controversy over the role they play in Latin American society
For almost a decade, artist Stefan Ruiz has taken photographs of up and coming soap stars who work for Televisa, Mexico’s biggest telenovela studio (and minority shareholder of Univision Communications Inc). The result is a project titled "The Factory of Dreams."

Not everyone is happy about Ruiz’s project and the media coverage surrounding it. In a DesignBoom article about the project, reader Claudia M wrote: “Out of context is the fact that any artist considers Mexican soap operas are of any relevance in 2012… they were a big thing back in the 80’s and 90’s, today they have a totally opposite meaning social wise. Ignorance and insensitivity are the reasons why anyone would like this article when Mexico is having a big revolution because of Televisa and all its products including soap operas.”

ABC Buys Soap From GOSSIP GIRL's Sara Goodman & CSI Creator Anthony Zuiker
TABOO, which will be produced by ABC Studios, Brillstein and Zuiker’s Dare To Pass banner, is based on an original idea by Zuiker who is segueing from the procedural world of CSI to serialized drama. To be written by Goodman, it is described as a sexy soap and centers on a stay-at home-mom who goes back to work as an undercover psychological profiler for the FBI, but the job isn’t nearly as dangerous as the sexual obsession she falls into with the man she’s investigating.

Todd Akin buys $40K of ad time in St. Louis
Akin's ad will run in a variety of shows including THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL TV App Now Available from adRise
adRise's THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL TV app, which showcases 75 of the series' most memorable episodes, is now available on Roku set-top boxes. Three collections of fan-favorite episodes are included in the app: "Most Shocking Moments", "Catfights and Brawls", and "Best of Ridge, Brooke and Taylor."

Emmys 2012: Julianne Moore on Becoming Sarah Palin and Moving to TV Full Time
"I did win a Daytime Emmy for AS THE WORLD TURNS in 1988," she laughs. "But I couldn't attend the ceremony because I was playing Ophelia in 'Hamlet' at the Guthrie Theater. So they called me up and told me I won!"

UK: Stars out for return of DALLAS
The DALLAS cast gathered in central London last night for the UK launch of the 10-part series about the struggles of the oil-rich Ewing clan, which is set to air on Channel 5 next month.

Thailand: NBTC effort to improve TV soaps misguided
Daily News quoted Supinya Klangnarong, a member of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC), as saying guidelines will be issued to TV and radio producers addressing the negative aspects of Thai soaps in the hope that the industry can regulate itself. While such a code of ethics will be non-binding, a warning will have been given and the future granting or renewal of permits by the NBTC to produce TV and radio content will be conditional on a review of soap-opera content.

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  1. Big up to Eric Braeden for giving a shout out to the Jamaican Athletics team! Cool.
    And I defy anyone to dislike Julianne Moore. With each interview, I find more reasons to like her. And if she doesn't want to do a full time gig on TV she could always do a guess stint on Downton Abbey or Upstairs/Downstairs...she can definitely pull off the accent quite naturally!