Thursday, July 26, 2012

WATCH: MISS BEHAVE Series Finale - The Queen Arrives!

Terri Garber and Eric Martsolf in the MISS BEHAVE finale
Terri Garber makes her debut as Elzabeth "The Queen" Archer in the last part of MISS BEHAVE's three-part series finale which is now online. The chaos continues at the construction site with the unscheduled arrival of The Queen (escorted by her famous client Marcus Dunne), which escalates the drama unfolding with Billy resulting in a long, overdue rant by Tori.

The Indie Soap Award-winning series debuted in 2010 starring former DAYS OF OUR LIVES actress Jillian Clare.

See how it all ends below:

Garber will headline a spin-off series, REIGN, which goes into pre-production later this summer. GENERAL HOSPITAL's Scott McKinsey directed the MISS BEHAVE finale and will work on REIGN as well.

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