50 Greatest Soap Couples: #28 Jake & Megan From ONE LIFE TO LIVE

COUPLE: Jake Harrison & Megan Gordon
RANK: 28
Jake: Joe Lando
Megan: Jessica Tuck
YEARS: 1990-1992

Megan was the daughter Viki (Erika Slezak) had in high school but forgot about, thanks to Victor.  Megan was the star of FRATERNITY ROW and clashed with Viki but eventually the two developed a close relationship.  Jake came to Llanview trying to clear his name.  Over the course of the next year, Michael Grande was murdered and Jake and Megan were suspected.  The two fell in love but faced many obstacles on the road to romance including Carlo Hesser (Thom Christopher), who blackmailed Jake into marrying his daughter, Charlotte (Audrey Landers).  Eventually Jake and Megan were married.

But the happiness of the couple was short-lived when Megan learned she had lupus.   Megan ultimately died from the effects of the disease in Jake's arms.

Jake and Megan were one of the most romantic couples in Daytime and the death of Megan packed as much emotional punch as any story in the show's history.  It was beautiful, tragic and still gets discussed to this day.

The roles launched the careers of Tuck and Lando.  Tuck earned a Daytime Emmy nomination in 1992 as Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series.  At the Soap Opera Digest Awards in 1992 Jake and Megan were nominated for Best Love Story: Daytime or Prime Time and Best Wedding: Daytime.

From Patrick Erwin (A THOUSAND OTHER WORLDS): Megan was one of my favorite OLTL characters, and Jake - a rough edged soldier of fortune – made a great match for Megan’s patrician exterior (a trait she inherited from mom Viki). Their relationship was at its most compelling when Jake stayed by her side as she fought lupus – and ultimately lost that battle. 

Jessica Tuck and Joe Lando discuss Jake & Megan
Megan shows up at Jake and Charlotte's wedding (1990)
Jake and Megan's wedding begins (1991)
Megan's death (1992)

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  1. Cried like a baby when Megan died. Loved Jake and Megan.

  2. I think these guys are my favorite couple. I still get teary eyed when I think of Megan's death. One Life to Live was an amazing show. I miss it every day.

  3. The best couple ever, terrific actors with great charima. Joe Lando was terribly attractive, correction is still terribly attractive. Sighs !!

  4. um...hello - we are half way through this list and no mention of any couple from Another World? Shame on We Love Soaps...thought this was supposed to be a site to celebrate ALL soaps - just a reminder of some unforgettable AW couples deserving to be on this list:
    1. mac and Rachel
    2. Steve and Alice
    3.John and Pat
    4. Catlin and Sally
    5. Sam and Amanda
    6. vicky and ryan
    7. Vicky and Jake
    8. Cass and Frankie
    9. Jake and Paulina
    10. Carl and Rachel
    11. Dean and Jenna
    12. Cass and Kathleen
    13. Michael and Donna
    14. Matt and Donna

  5. So glad that you included Jake and Megan. I cried uncontrollably when she died. Just loved seeing Megan come back at the end of OLTL.