Sunday, July 29, 2012

50 Greatest Soap Couples: #22 Holden & Lily From AS THE WORLD TURNS

COUPLE: Holden Snyder & Lily Walsh
RANK: 22
Holden: Jon Hensley
Lily: Martha Byrne, Heather Rattray, Noelle Beck
YEARS: 1985-1995, 1997-2010

Lily met Holden when he began working as the stable boy at the Walsh estate.  She was an immediately attracted to the brooding Snyder and soon became close with his entire family, including his older sister, Iva (Lisa Brown).  Over the next year and a half it was slowly revealed that Iva was Lily's biological mother, and then later that Iva was adopted (so Holden and Lily weren't actually related).  In a dramatic scene at the Walsh stables, Iva revealed the truth to Lily when she thought her daughter was in danger from Rod (William Fichtner).  Lily fled to Wyoming and Holden followed.

Holden and Lily bonded in Wyoming and admitted their love for each other.  But their happiness was short-lived when Lily learned Holden knew the truth of her adoption long before she did.  She turned to her best friend, Dusty (Brian Bloom) and lost her virginity while Holden married a pregnant Emily (Melanie Smith). Fast forward three years and Holden and Lily were married.  He had divorced Emily, and Lily had married Derek (Thomas Gibson), who was killed.  The theme of their story over the next 20 years was "find my way back" as no matter complication came their way (Holden's brain, Damian Grimaldi, Lily's twin, etc) they could never stay away from each other for long.  When the series ended in 2010, Holden and Lily weren't married but on good terms knowing they would always be in each other's lives forever.

Holden and Lily were instantly popular with AS THE WORLD TURNS fans, though there was a group who were torn between Holden and her best friend, Dusty.   Holden's edge added a much-needed sexiness to the show and viewers were drawn into the complicated Snyder storyline through the eyes of Lily, who saw them as a kinder, gentler alternative to life with her mother, Lucinda (Elizabeth Hubbard).

As the years went on, and even when the writing became convoluted and worked against the couple, the chemistry between Hensley and Byrne remained irresistible.  

Over the years, Hensley and Byrne received 11 Emmy nominations (Byrne won twice) and 12 Soap Opera Digest Award nominations between them.  In 2000 they were nominated as Favorite Couple.

Lily meets Holden at the stables (1985)
Lily learns Iva is her mother (1987)
Lily and Holden's 1998 wedding
"Find My Way Back" - Lily remembers (2005)

SoapClassics released The Story of Lily and Holden on DVD earlier this year. 

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  1. I'm still waiting for my Mac and Rachel. I thought that nTad n Dixie should be higher.

  2. While I understand that re-casting of Lily and poor storytelling really hurt Holden and LIly during the last two and a half years of the show - I do think they deserve to be higher on the list. Thrilling to see them here, though. Hensley and Byrne's Holden and Lily were indeed irresistible!

  3. I loved Dusty in the 80's but Holden and Lily grew on me and became one of my favorites.

  4. I will never forget when Lily 1st seen Holden

  5. Yes they were top 15, huge couple on ATWT!

  6. No one has mentioned Lily's original portrayer, Lucy Deakins, who later appeared in THE BOY WHO COULD FLY. Before Martha Byrne assumed the role of Lily Walsh, Lucy Deakins & Bryan Bloom were inhabiting adolescent angst as Lily Walsh & Dusty Donovan!

  7. The reason Lucy wasnt mentioned is because she was off the show for six months when Holden debuted. She was never part of Holden and Lily, only Dusty and Lily.

  8. Lily and Holden also one of my fav soap couples, but I believe the recast and exits from the show really hurt the couple's overall storytelling. But Lily and Holden can still make my tween girl smile.

  9. Thank Chris Gutass for the recast, nothing against Nicole's Lily because I do like her as an actress...A huge mistake and it showed in the story of Lily & Holden.

  10. My #1 Favourite couple. I don't care what they say, Holden and Lilly (Martha was the only Lilly for me) were so amazing together. How they treated Martha over the years was horrible. I hope Douglas Marland wasn't spinning in his grave, too much.

  11. These two were 100X more dynamic and magical than Carly and Jack who ranked much higher. In my opinion, Carly and Jack were one of the worst things about "As the World Turns" during the show's last decade.