Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Victori Alfieri In Legal Battle With Producer Adriana Trevino; UPDATED: Lawsuit Dismissed, Allegations Retracted

RumorFix is reporting a lawsuit involving former daytime actor Victor Afieri and film producer Adriana Trevino.
A sordid tale of abuse and sexual promiscuity is documented in court papers filed by executive producer Adriana Trevino in a lawsuit against soap stud Victor Alfieri, who served as director of Gable’s first film, Looking For Clara.

Alfieri, who starred in DAYS OF OUR LIVES and THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL, is painted as the madman who put Clark J. Gable in these harmful situations.

During torture scenes for the movie, court documents allege that Alfieri went too far by keeping “Clark Gable in a cold wet bathtub tied up, for hours. Gable was unable to move.” And documents alleged Alfieri held a real operating drill to Clark’s abdomen.
Beverly Hills entertainment attorney Roger Muse, who represents Victor Alfieri, obtained the following statement from Adriana Trevino, which Ms. Trevino authorized to be published:

"I have dismissed my lawsuit against Victor Alfieri, and I would like to publicly retract the fraud allegations I made. These statements were made by me after having been misled by a third party. Once Victor and I met to review the books and bank statements, it became evident that I had been lied to by this third party. No money was ever stolen. Victor Alfieri did not commit fraud. I have since had an opportunity to view the film and I am very pleased with the job Victor has done. Since we have settled our dispute, Victor and I have agreed to continue working together to complete the film as originally planned." - Adriana Trevino

Additionally, Muse also obtained, with the assistance of Italian attorney Valerio Orlandi, over thirty declarations from the cast and crew of the film Looking for Clara.

Below are three of the thirty declarations and two statements obtained from the lead cast of the film.

From Robert Madison:
" I Robert Madison, declare as follows: I worked on the film Looking for Clara directed by Victor Alfieri, contrary to the allegations against Alfieri, the shooting of the film was never a nightmare, Alfieri was not abusive to either the cast or crew, and at no time were any members of the cast or crew subjected to any dangerous conditions, I never saw Alfieri making sexual advances or demands on any of his cast. Alfieri worked really hard on the set, he was very professional and made everyone at ease. I am looking forward to be working with him again in other future projects" Robert Madison

From Simone Spinazze:
"I, Simone Spinazze, declare as follows: I worked on the film Looking For Clara directed by Victor Alfieri, I play one of the lead roles " Oscar". I was present during the torture scenes were my character dies, I can testify that all the make up for these scenes were done professionally by a special effect team and the stunts were performed by Alfieri who made sure all the stunts were done both safely and professionally. I did not see anyone complaining or getting hurt. Alfieri was not abusive to any of us, on the contrary during shooting there was a lot of levity and laugher from both cast and crew. I personally enjoyed the shooting, and it appeared to me that the rest of the cast and crew did likewise." Simone Spinazze

From Laura Gigante:
"I, Laura Gigante declare as follows: I worked on the film Looking for Clara directed by Victor Alfieri, I witnessed Alfieri's hard work as a director and his passion for the film. Alfieri was very strict in keeping the production on schedule, but he was not abusive to any of the cast or crew, nobody was subjected to any dangerous conditions. I can testify that Alfieri never made sexual advances or demands on me or any other of the female cast or crew members. I personally enjoyed the filming and I look forward to be working with Alfieri again." Laura Gigante

After learning about the false allegations Joel Moody and Clark James Gable emailed the following statements:

From Joel Moody:
"Shooting 'Looking for Clara' in Italy was by far the best experience in my life. I'm not concerned with any false accusations made about harm inflicted on the cast and crew, those can be sent to the wind. I can't wait to see the final product! Calcata was such an amazing village, words are hard to describe it and this movie is going to be a must see for all the thriller fans out there!" Joel Moody

From Clark James Gable:
"Hey Victor - I would like to let you know I apologize for any false accusations regarding the events that did not occur on set. I recall you being very professional and making this experience nothing short from excellent. I know you and I never were in any form of a physical altercation. Please let me know how we can solve this problem and move forward with this excellent film. Thank you" Clark James Gable

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