NEWS ROUNDUP: How to Avoid Spoilers on Twitter, Sarah Michelle Gellar Having A Boy, Big Hats on TV

How to Avoid Spoilers on Twitter
Twitter is horribly ruthless when it comes to spoiling movies and TV shows. To prevent an unwelcome spoiler, you have to basically abstain from Twitter when a show like BREAKING BAD comes on or when a big movie like The Dark Knight Rises comes out. But that's not the only way! Here's how to make your Twitter spoiler-free.

It’ll Be a Boy for Sarah Michelle and Freddie Prinze Jr.
“They are thrilled that Charlotte will have a little brother,” a source close to the couple tells PEOPLE.

GLEE Season 4 Premiere title hints at major shift for lead character
The Fox hit will kick off its new season this fall with an episode titled, “The New Rachel.”

Can Broadcast Networks Ever Compete Again in the Primetime Emmys?
"My first reaction was, 'This could be the lowest-rated Emmys ever,'" one network veteran told Vulture. "It made me think of the year before [1997’s] Titanic, when indie films co-opted the Academy Awards and the ratings plunged."

A big hat is where it's at on TV
From JUSTIFIED to DALLAS to LONGMIRE to THE WALKING DEAD to the HATFIELDS & MCCOYS," men of many eras in classic American head gear are fighting, scheming and conniving their way through epic story lines, and show creators are tipping their hats to what looks like a re-emergence of a trend that's always been part of our popular culture.

THE WALKING DEAD: Snub was ‘Dead’ wrong
Writes Linda Stasi: "While the Emmy voters aren’t graft-accepting creeps like many of the Globe voters, they, too, have committed a crime. This one against art, by clearly watching only some of the shows — smells like the ones that were hipster-approved or known as actor-worthy watching."

National Enquirer: Jackie Zeman facing foreclosure
The lender is threatening to sell it unless she comes up with more than $320,000 to cover back mort­gage payments. Meanwhile, she put the 4,181-square-foot home on the block for just over $3.5 million.

“Jackie is devastated, but since leaving ‘General Hospi­tal’ it’s been financially difficult for her to keep up with every­thing,” a family friend told The Emquirer.

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