Mario Batali To Laura Wright On THE CHEW: We're Part Of That Same Daytime Pop Culture Which Makes Us Very Proud

GENERAL HOSPITAL Emmy winner Laura Wright (Carly) was one of the guests on the Thursday, May 31 episode of THE CHEW. She gave a pre-recorded tour of her home and her Standing Still winery, then was live in studio to help Mario Batali and Michael Symon make a pasta meal.

"In the soap opera world, the fans are viciously attached to their characters," Batali said. "Daytime TV fans weren't quite ready for us when they started, but I think we made some moves, and a lot of people that used to watch some of the shows find them at different times, and now we're part of that same beautiful daytime pop culture which makes us very proud."

ONE LIFE TO LIVE legend Robin Strasser shared on thoughts on Twitter about Wright's guest appearance which seemed to match what many of our followers were tweeting:

@LauraWright is WRONG praising the Chew, confusing protecting her own job with love/fun/or that bad food. 800 jobs lost when OLTL cancelled.  My Toxic tweet now out there, I'll add that I think @LauraWright is talented, beautiful, and strong. Nobody's perfect-#Chew is the proof.  RESPECT for the DAYTIME AUDIENCES and their enthusiastic loyal support of SOAPS should be part of JOB DESCRIPTION for working at any network

Note: @LauraWright isn't the actresses actual Twitter account.  It's @lldubs

Wright later appeared on ABC 7 here in New York.

What do you think?  Smart move for Wright to promote GH, her winery and herself on THE CHEW?  Unhappy about the appearance?  Let us know your thoughts.

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  1. Laura Wright was there to sell her wines. Sadly, she gave The Chew "street cred" by appearing. "Find some of the shows at different t times". More crap.

    They both got what they need from this and as a soap fan, I feel dirty.

  2. The aforementioned comment was mine and I'm sorry it published as unknown. Barbara Darlin

  3. She crossed the picket line.

  4. Hi Barbara, I didn't even understand what Mario meant by finding shows at different times. It didn't make any sense to me.

  5. Laura has to walk a fine line. But I don't know how this appearance came to be and who had the idea for it. Did Laura bring it up as a logical connection to her winery or did ABC daytime bosses suggest it? If it was Laura's idea, not thrilled. If a boss came up with the idea, well she still has to answer to them.

    As for what Mario said...what a load of crap. How can I find All My Children and One Life to Live at a different time WHEN THEY WERE CANCELED. I for one will never forget the disrespect Mario and Clinton (I think that's his name) showed to fans while they were still trying to save AMC.

  6. A real load of crap from Mario Batali. I will never watch that show. Can't believe that someone from GH would participate.

  7. I absolutely agree with the PP who said she crossed the picket line. She had no business going on that show and Mario Batalli is full of crap trying to spread that daytime fans are warming up to him and his show. I do not forget and neither does anyone I know. I will never watch that show and I will never be a fan of Laura's again. I do not believe for a minute that an actress who is used DAILY on GH would ever be in danger of losing her job for refusing to endorse and participate in a show she did not believe in. GH needs her too much. She could have said no. She went on the show to promote her wine because it's her backup plan when GH gets canceled. SHE has already given up on US and GH. I'm so disgusted with her.

  8. We will never watch the chew. Don't know who is watching it as it is still on. It should have the same dismal rating as revulsion. So we can scream all we want, but someone is watching it. Mr.Mario Batali is an contemptable man and is of the ilk that if he say it enough it will be so. They really think that eventually they will win us over. It is up to us to stick to our goals. I don't know why Ms. Wright choose to appear on the chew and I would hold off any verbal attacks on one of our actors. If it was for her own good then shame on her....If it was somthing that she felt she had to do for her job then lets take it for what it was and move on. Divide and conquer is not a strategy that we should fall for. Stay strong, stay focused and remember that if we don't watch no matter who they put on, It can't help them. Katlee

  9. We, soap lovers, have fought to keep HER soap alive & she stabs us in the back by appearing on the enemies show. I have just started watching GH sin ce OLTL went off. I have just decided Laura Wright was my favorite star on GH but now she doesn't exist to me. She could have chosen any show to advertise her wine but Spew. As it is she has lost the admiration of many fans. Sorry Laura-WHAT WERE YOU THINKING.

  10. i love The Chew!! at first i didn't give it a chance, but after several viewing i love it.

    and LET'S BE REAL! how many other talk/daytime/nighttime shows are beating at Laura's door asking her to appear.

    she doesn't have Kardashian star-power you know.

    let's all be grateful that we got to see her on something else for a change.

  11. ""Daytime TV fans weren't quite ready for us when they started, but I think we made some moves, and a lot of people that used to watch some of the shows find them at different times"

    Bzzt! AMC/OLTL aren't on at "different times"; they're on at NO time. Sorry, Mario - thanks for playing; please enjoy your lovely parting gifts.

    From now on, i suspect soap fans will now forever be referring to LW as "Laura Wrong"

    The ONLY time i ever want to see a soap star on The Chew is if they come on with the intent of misbehaving and engaging in a protest on air.

  12. It was a Slap in the face to Agnes Nixon who created Loving was her ticket to stardom. If she wanted to promote her wine I would suggest she go on GMA and/or rachael Ray.

  13. I feel this was a Disney call by the nuPrez of ABC daytime, copying CBS. CBS has effectively incorporated daytime stars being guests on TT especially their own CBS day part actors. I just watched the TT for the first time back in March with the cast of B&B. It took me over a year to even watch an episode, I still haven't or won't watch LMAD. I don't watch all the time but can say it was enjoyable simply because of Sherri.

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. Laura was wrong to go on The Chew. She knew this would be a slap in the face to soap viewers & her fellow collegues in the soap opera industry. I understand that she needs to promote her wines, but she chose the wrong show to do so. If she had to appear on an ABC show then personally she should have gone on Live With Kelly. She could have discussed her wines & talked about GH & know that Kelly would care especially since she herself was AMC, one of the soaps which was cancelled & vocal about how she felt about losing both AMC & OLTL. Laura would gotten the respect & it definitely would have boosted Live with Kelly. I know I would have watched, but couldn't pay me enough money to watch That other show.

    Mario is a joke. He could care less about General Hospital and has made his feelings known that he is glad to see the soap opera genre fading out.

    A bad choice, you made Laura, but hey go on "Live With Kelly" or even The View and I will gladly make sure I am watching that day

  16. In a way, LW going on The Chew was a *good* thing...doesn't matter if she was forced into it or whatever the reasoning behind it was. But the TRUE IMPORTANT thing about it was that it reminded ABC, the entertainment industry and the general public that a year later, fans have not gotten over the fact that these shows DO NOT belong where they are in place of the beloved American Institutions that still had lots of life in them and should rightfully still be on the air. Regardless how you feel about LW, her appearance (akin to someone "crossing a picket line") brought mass attention to how ABC's audience feels about Chew not belonging and how any attempt to appease soap fans by doing a crosspromtion will only make soapers angrier and not any more accepting of the replacement reality shows. It was actually important that something like this happened before GAA or Katie hit the air because both shows will probably try to "make nice" with the soap audience by trying some cross-promotion or "we love soaps too" lip service...and they need to be forewarned that we won't buy it.

  17. Absolutely not happy that Laura Wright appeared on The Chew. Real soap fans will not watch that show. Boycott #Thechew and spit it out!