DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES Series Finale Poll: We Loved It But What Did You Think?

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES aired its final two episodes of the series on Sunday night wrapping up eight seasons of the primetime soap that burst onto the scene in October 2004.


Over the course of the two hours the writers beautifully took us back to the very beginning of the series from Mary Alice's suicide to the give-and-take dynamic between two couples (Tom & Lynette and Gaby & Carlos). Renee making her way to the wedding was hilarious and included Julie's water breaking and Susan stealing the limo to get to the hospital to have the baby. The saddest moment was when Mrs. McCluskey died.

The show wrapped up with the original four housewives playing poker as they often did over the years and then Mary Alice narrated as each one of them moved away from Wisteria Lane. With creator Marc Cherry making a cameo as a mover, Susan greeted the woman whose family was moving into her house just as Mrs. Huber had greeted Mary Alice, the first housewife on the Lane, many years earlier. As Susan drove away, the ghosts of all the characters who had died were standing on the sidewalk watching over the neighborhood activities. Mary Alice was the last one we saw. The final scene was of the woman who bought Susan's house. She has a secret! Didn't they all?

I loved the finale but what did you think? Take our survey below:

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