Nelson's Soap Scrapbook #16 - SEARCH FOR TOMORROW 1985

Nelson Aspen dug into his scrapbooks for some memorabilia from his early showbiz career in Daytime TV and shares some of his personal photos exclusively with We Love Soaps. All photos are owned by Nelson. For more of his exploits, read "Hollywood Insider Exposed!"

We continue this series with a photo from SEARCH FOR TOMORROW circa 1985.

Lisa Peluso (Wendy), Michelle Joyner (Sarah), Mary Stuart (Jo), Terri Eoff (Suzi) and Marcia McCabe (Sunny).

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International entertainment journalist NELSON ASPEN got his start in Daytime TV and still keeps tabs on all things soaps! The author of several books, including DINNER AT NELSON'S and HOLLYWOOD INSIDER: EXPOSED!, he broadcasts the latest showbiz news and celebrity interviews around the world daily. You may visit him at


  1. I miss the 80s! And I especially miss Mary! Doesn't Terri look like Emma Samms? And Marcia is really working the "Sable Colby" attitude, eh?

  2. I love seeing old candid photos of everyone, especially Mary. And I've declared my love for Marcia many times on this blog LOL

    Thank you, Nelson.

  3. Isn't it funny how much Mary could resemble Judy Garland? It was one of the reasons she left Hollywood in her early career. Thank goodness for us she moved to NYC and began her TV career...there might never have been a SFT, otherwise! And here's a pic of our gal Marcia taken on Easter Sunday 2012. (gorgeous as ever!)

  4. Thanks for this pic, Nelson. OMG--I still miss SFT like crazy!

    Brian :-)

  5. How wonderful, Nelson--especially since I'm in the middle of Mary's memoirs right now!