Thursday, April 19, 2012

Support Indie Filmmaking With Jason Cook's New Project, 'Genreful'

GENERAL HOSPITAL star Jason Cook (Matt) is set to direct Genreful, an indie film which will stars Bradford Anderson (Spinelli on GH). Below is a description of the project:

Anton is committed to killing himself until Hannah, his next door neighbor, catches him in the act. She has been down that dark path, and knows exactly how to talk him off the ledge. Their bond spawns romance; a first for Hannah in years because of a crazy ex-boyfriend. The Crazy-ex happens to cross their path on a date, goes berserk, and takes it out on Anton, brutally beating him up in front of onlooking restaurateurs. The Crazy-ex grabs Hannah, throws her in his car, and takes off with an injured Anton in pursuit. Genreful is the story of Anton chasing the one that got away. The film will shift tones, embracing the devices of Drama, Romantic Comedy, Thriller, Action, Horror, Animation, and Sci-Fi, in their identifiable forms, yet tell one cohesive story.
A Kickstarter campaign has been launched to raise money to help with the completion of the project. You can click here to donate.

Check out the video below which provides additional details.

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