Sunday, April 8, 2012

Florencia Lozano Coming To GENERAL HOSPITAL

Florencia Lozano, who played Téa Delgado on ONE LIFE TO LIVE off and on since 1996, is bringing the character to GENERAL HOSPITAL. She begins work on the soap this week.

Stay tuned for more details.

Lozano participated in a special benefit staged reading of the play "Busted" in New York on Saturday night.

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  1. Holy frak!!! YEss!!!!!

    Florencia!! Can she please stick around!!

  2. Tea with Alexis and Diane? LOL!!!!

  3. NOOOOO PLEASE no more tea i have had enough of her screeching and whining to last me a lifetime.

  4. I haven't really watched GH in awhile but I must admit, I am a little curious as to whether she'll mix it up with Sonny.

  5. This must have been Frank Valentini's big news.

  6. I am so excited that Florencia is coming to GH! Great news!

  7. Wheeeeeee!!!

    Now this...this is the news that I was waiting for, and I love it that the boys of "We Love Soaps" brought the scoop!

    When Téa's final scene faded to black, I hoped with everything in me that we had not seen the last of this actress/character duo, but I admit, I was beginning to lose hope and attempting to come to terms with making the goodbye to my favorite fictional character stick.

    Squashing down the hope no more---We Love Soaps, you are the best Easter Bunny EVER!! :)

  8. Please tell me that they will find out Victor is not dead!!!!!!

  9. Yesssss!!!!! I am so excited! I haven't been interested in GH but Tea showing up in P.C. can change all of that! Tea is an amazing character portrayed by a fantastic actress. I can not wait to see Tea mix it up with Alexis and Diane. That should be hella fun.

    Great move, GH! Perhaps we can get some Tea/Victor interaction as well. Gosh, I miss those two and their beautiful family.

  10. This is just temporary.

    FV's big news was Finola Hughes is on contract. Anna is here to stay.

  11. I'm inclined to think it's just temporary, although what do I know? Of course, I mean "temporary" not in the sense of GH's actual longevity.

    I am pretty sure the Finola Hughes casting news was a cover - despite the fact that her being on contract is huge.

    I've loved Finola's Anna from day one, but this show is just so hard to watch.

    It's nice that RC & FV appreciate people who can actually act, too, not just those who suck up to fan bases or throw temper tantrums backstage. Florencia Lozano is an amazing actor who goes beyond the script and shows range as well as depth.

  12. what about T.S.J.?? ALSO NATALIE WOULD BE NICE TOO and when does todd return?

  13. YES! Even it is only temporary, it's still great news!

  14. T.S.J = Trevor Saint John (Victor)

    So excited to see Tea head to head with Diane! :) oh my goodness this is going to be amazing