Monday, April 30, 2012

FLASHBACK: Catch Up with The Hortons and The Andersons - A 1976 DAYS OF OUR LIVES Summary

What was happening in DAYS OF OUR LIVES' Salem in 1976?

In a succinct, yet detailed summary--intended to help new (or lapsed) fans get into the story line--the third 1976 volume of "Daytime TV Super Special" delivers a comprehensive status update on "The Hortons" and "The Andersons."

In an indication of how focused DAYS was, in the 70s, on its core families, there are only a few paragraphs at the end (maybe a fifth of the article) covering everyone else, under the heading, "Others."

The piece starts with the basics, such as, "Dr. Tom Horton (Macdonald Carey) is the husband of Alice and father of Bill, Mickey and Tom, and grandfather of Julie, Hope, Jennifer and Sandy." Although the title is also rather dry, "DAYS OF OUR LIVES (NBC): Premiere Date November 19, 1965," the "intel" provided ends up getting juicy real quick.  For example:
Maggie Hansen/Horton (Suzanne Rogers) has stood by her husband, Mickey, all through his breakdown.  He now has trouble remembering who she is.  She hoped to adopt a child with him.
We've also included the colorful front cover and table of contents of the magazine, in which the the piece ran on pages 70 and 71. Please click on the image of each page to expand it into it's own window. Then, you can click again to view an even larger, nicely readable version.

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