NEWS ROUNDUP: Chandler Massey Relieved, 3.58 million Will Drop Pay-TV, Nicollette Sheridan Wants Retrial

DAYS OF OUR LIVES star Chandler Massey expresses 'relief' as his gay soap character comes out
"Will has been had so much angst and conflict for so long," he said. "Once we finally filmed those scenes where Will comes out and is okay with it, for some reason, I felt like a weight lifted off my shoulders as well."

Many of Will's scenes and conversations about being gay have been with Marlena who is played by the show's longtime star Deidre Hall. The chemistry between Massey and Hall has been noted by many fans as the most fulfilling aspect of the coming out storyline so far.

"We do get along very well off set as well, we have the same relationship off screen," Massey says. "She really helps me. She’s a pro and I’m new to [the soap opera] genre, and that relationship carries over in our scenes. We also do work a lot on our stuff – I work with her off-screen on our scenes more than with any other actors."

Nicollette Sheridan Lawyers Fight For Retrial
The case ended in a mistrial last month when jurors deadlocked 8-4 in favor of Sheridan. In court papers filed this week, Sheridan’s lawyers contend Sheridan deserves a retrial and that her claim for damages against ABC Entertainment and Touchstone Televisionis valid.

3.58 million people in the U.S. will have cut the pay-TV cord by the end of 2012
From 2008 to 2011, the Convergence Consulting Group estimates 2.65 million — 2.6% of the U.S. population — ended their pay-TV subscriptions and replaced them with online streaming services such as Netflix. More than 40% of U.S. pay-TV subscribers became non-subscribers by dropping their service in 2011. According to the report, Canadian TV services have seen a slower bleed — about 83,000 Canadians, or .7%, dropped their pay-TV subscriptions in 2011 to watch online subscription services.

Compared to 2010, U.S. TV services added 160,000 fewer subscribers in 2011. The number dropped from 272,000 in 2010 to 112,000 in 2011. Convergence Consulting estimates 185,000 people will start new TV subscriptions in 2012.

ONE TREE HILL's Mark Schwahn Thanks the Fans
"You may not have loved every episode — and a lot of people didn’t like the show at all! — but because there were fans that loved it, we all believed in it. We were proud not to be included; we decided to start our own club, and after 187 episodes, we were the cool kids. And I’m proud of that. And the fans made all of us better."

ONE TREE HILL vs. DEGRASSI: The Next Generation: Which Is the All-Time Insane Plot King of Teen Dramas?
Now that OTH is ending its run, it seems like the perfect time to properly assess which show is definitively crazier.

NBC Pilot ’1600 PENN' Recasts A Role
The role of the President’s eldest daughter Becca is being recast with Martha MacIsaac (GREEK). Brittany Snow was originally tapped for the role.

Alan Thicke to Recur on CW's THE L.A. COMPLEX
Thicke joining the cast follows the series receiving a 13-episode order from Canadian broadcaster Bell Media, after an initial six-episode debut, with production to start shortly in Toronto and Los Angeles.

SUPERNATURAL Showrunner Switchup: Good Omen for Season 8 Pickup?
Co-showrunner Sera Gamble is stepping down, the network confirms, but they've already hired a familiar and beloved face to fill her spot: Jeremy Carver.


  1. I dumped cable like 2+ years ago, now. I was looking to cut expenses back then but I have not regretted it. A high speed Internet connection, and a digital antenna suit me nicely. For now, my public library gets new DVDs at an alarmingly fast rate, although in the future I reserve the option to do Netflix. I don't miss cable and I certainly don't miss the exorbitant subscription fees!

  2. Thanks for that perspective. I am paying extra for a few channels I know I never watch and really need to cancel them at the very least. Other than live sporting events I could probably do without TV as well now that I think about it, and even for the NFL I am paying $400 a year to be able to watch on my computer.

  3. Oh, anytime, Roger. I realize that for sports fans, giving up cable is a tough ask because cable does sports well and online is still a bit all over the place. The only sport I really & truly follow is tennis and as a tennis fan I'm used to being treated pretty badly (lol). I suspect, however that the 'ease of use' aspect that cable programming now has will start to become more of a fixture to online programming.
    On the other hand, my cousin in Canada told me that she wouldn't dream of giving up her cable service as it is tied to her high speed Internet. Her polite way of telling me to take my gospel of 'cutting the cord' elsewhere.

  4. Although there are some people who drop their pay TV because they perceive less value, TV watching has risen (not including internet and tablet media) according to Nielsen. Overall, the economy has forced people into unwanted situations, but for the freshest, easiest way I get my media is with my DISH Hopper whole-home DVR, because it has access to my Blockbuster @Home subscription. I get VOD for thousands of movies and shows included both through the internet and on the receiver. I think cord cutting is a necessity, and one I hope I don’t have to consider, even though I work for DISH, some services I have I pay for.