William Roache, Who Replaced Don Hastings As Longest Running Soap Star, Admits To Sex With 1,000 Women; Meets With Canadian Prime Minister

CORONATION STREET star William Roache, 79, is ready to face some grilling about his sex life when he steps onstage in Toronto Saturday with his one-man show, now that’s making headlines back in Britain with the shocking admission he’s had sex with 1,000 women.

“He expects it to be a topic across Canada,” said show promoter Andrew Stuckless, adding Roache, who spent yesterday playing tourist at Niagara Falls, will answer all questions.

In a recent taping of Piers Morgan’s British TV show LIFE STORIES, Roache admitted he’d slept with “more than 100” women. When Morgan asked if the number was really closer to 1,000, Roache replied, “Well, I’m not denying it.”

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper kept the conversation much more highbrow on Thursday in a private meeting with Roache. Harper didn’t even ask Roache for inside information on future plot twists.

Harper and wife Laureen spent about 30 minutes with Roache, who has played often-conflicted intellectual Ken Barlow on CORRIE since it first went on the air in 1960. Shortly after AS THE WORLD TURNS went off the air in 2010, Roache passed ATWT legend Don Hastings in the world record books for the longest consecutive running portrayal of a character on television.

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