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GCB airs its second episode as part of ABC's Sunday night block of all-new soaps on Sunday, March 11.

ONCE UPON A TIME kicks off the night at 8 p.m. ET/PT with "Red-Handed."

After quitting Granny's diner and with her self-esteem at an all-time low, Emma hires Ruby to be her assistant in order to help her discover what it is in life that she's good at; and Emma continues questioning David about the disappearance - and possible murder - of Kathryn. Meanwhile, in the fairytale land that was, Red Riding Hood yearns to run away with her true love. But she, along with her fellow townspeople, are virtual prisoners when a bloodthirsty wolf continues on its relentless killing spree.

Watch a sneak peak video from the episode below:

ONCE UPON A TIME stars Ginnifer Goodwin as Snow White/Mary Margaret, Jennifer Morrison as Emma Swan, Robert Carlyle as Rumplestiltskin/Mr. Gold, Lana Parrilla as Evil Queen/Regina, Jared Gilmore as Henry Mills, Josh Dallas as Prince Charming/John Doe and Raphael Sbarge as Jiminy Cricket/Archie Hopper.

Guest starring are David Anders as Dr. Whale, Meghan Ory as Ruby/Red Riding Hood, Beverley Elliott as Granny, Eion Bailey as August, Jesse Hutch as Peter and Bill Dow as Mayor Tomkins.

"Red-Handed" was written by Indie Soap Award nominee Jane Espenson and directed by Ron Underwood.

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES follows at 9 p.m. ET with "You Take for Granted."

Susan convinces Mike to go to the police when she discovers that Ben's loanshark is out to get him.

Gaby is justifiably concerned when Carlos exhibits some strange behavior on his first day back to work.

Tom's girlfriend, Jane, drops a bombshell on Lynette during Penny's birthday party.

Mrs. McCluskey, who is suffering from terminal cancer, asks Bree to help put an end to her life.

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES stars Teri Hatcher as Susan Mayer, Felicity Huffman as Lynette Scavo, Marcia Cross as Bree Hodge, Eva Longoria as Gabrielle Solis, Vanessa Williams as Renee Perry, Ricardo Antonio Chavira as Carlos Solis, Doug Savant as Tom Scavo, Jonathan Cake as Det. Chuck Vance, Charles Mesure as Ben Faulkner and Madison de la Garza as Juanita Solis, with Brenda Strong as Mary Alice Young and James Denton as Mike Delfino.

Guest starring are Kathryn Joosten as Mrs. McCluskey, Darcy Rose Byrnes as Penny Scavo, Daniella Baltodano as Celia Solis, Orson Bean as Roy Bender, Andrea Parker as Jane, Michael Dempsey as Det. Murphy, Derek Webster as Det. Harrison, Jayne Entwistle as Marilyn, Stuart Pankin as Patrick, Sal Landi as Donny, Jack J. Bennett as steel worker, Katherine Emmer as Cindy, Griffin Barrett Cleveland as son and Jorge-Luis Pallo as Det. Gillette.

"You Take for Granted" was written by Matt Berry and directed by Jeff Greenstein.

ABC's newest soap, GCB, finishes the night with "Hell Hath No Fury."

Amanda becomes concerned that Laura will be branded a "Javelina" or not-so cute-girl - a name that Amanda coined herself in high school -- while Gigi decides to throw Amanda a luncheon in her honor in an effort to reintroduce her to society.

Meanwhile a devastated Carlene rallies from her embarrassment in church and plots to get back at Amanda, Blake and Cricket disagree over his priorities, and Sharon worries about Zach's fidelity.

GCB stars Leslie Bibb (Iron Man) as Amanda Vaughn, Kristin Chenoweth (PUSHING DAISIES) as Carlene Cockburn, Annie Potts (DESIGNING WOMEN) as Gigi Stopper, Jennifer Aspen (RODNEY) as Sharon Peacham, Miriam Shor (SWINGTOWN) as Cricket Caruth-Reilly, Marisol Nichols ("24") as Heather Cruz, Mark Deklin (LONE STAR) as Blake Reilly, David James Elliott ("JAG") as Ripp Cockburn and Brad Beyer (JERICHO) as Zack Peacham.

"Hell Hath No Fury" guest stars Lauren Irion as Laura Vaughn, Colton Shires as Will Vaughn, Denton Everett as Booth Becker, Carla Jimenez as Lupe, Patty McCormack as Chessy Bolton, Alix Elizabeth Gitter as Alexandra Reilly, Mackinlee Waddell as McKinney Peacham, Larry Udy as Snuffer, Boo Arnold as Fire Marshall, Guru Singh as guy with the clipboard, Maree Cheatham as Boofie Marfeson, Shannon Welles as Frusannah Faulkner, Hollie Winnard as Britany, Erin Alexis as Sapphire, Bridget Sienna as Carmelita and Suliana Gonzalez as Consuela.

"Hell Hath No Fury" was written by Robert Harling and directed by Victor Nelli, Jr.

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