NEWS ROUND UP: Melody Thomas Scott on Diane & Being LAID OFF, Paz de la Huerta Off BOARDWALK

Melody Thomas Scott: People didn't like Diane to begin with
"People are so over that 'Who killed Diane?' mystery. They didn't like her to begin with and they don't seem to have a problem that she's dead. Anyway, this is the third person Nikki has killed. She killed her father her first month on the show, and some guy named Walter Addison when she was mixed up in that Darlene Conley-Rose DeVille scam. So this ain't new territory."

Melody Thomas Scott reveals details of her new web series, LAID OFF
"It's about three guys who are roommates in New York and they all lose their jobs the same week. Shirley Jones and Marty Ingels are also in it."

"One of the roommates has watched and worshiped Nikki his entire life — he started at his mother's knee — and he has constant fantasies about me. But I'm never really me. I get to play a different character in every episode, all urged on by his obsession with me. I pop up as the plumber, and a pageant mom screaming at her kid and a Martha Stewart-type cooking host."

THE TALK's Sheryl Underwood on the revelation from Christian LeBlanc she would be on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS
"When Christian walked out, I thought, 'Oh my God, oh my God!' He said, 'We’ve got a job for you.' I just screamed! Then I thought,'“Wait a minute. I can’t act. I’m not an actress. This is going to be bad … but it could be good!'"

SKINS actor Jack O’Connell joins supernatural thriller Beautiful Creatures
Set in the South, Creatures centers on two high school teens who must confront a curse that has haunted the girl's family for generations.

Paz de la Huerta not returning to BOARDWALK EMPIRE Season 3
Viewers have likely seen the last of her character, Lucy Danziger.

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