NEWS ROUNDUP: Orlando Napier (Hugo's Son) Shines On THE VOICE, HOUSEWIVES Going To Court, Trevor Donovan Returns

THE VOICE's Orlando Napier is the son of former soap star Hugo Napier
The 25-year-old from Los Angeles was invited to the fifth blind auditions on Monday night (February 27) by Carson Daly, where he became a member of Team Adam Levine following his piano-led performance of "Waiting On The World To Change" by John Mayer.

Levine said: "I think the reason I pressed my button so quickly was because so much of being a singer is timing and within the first line of the song you had this impeccable, smooth timing."

Orlando is the son of former soap star Hugo Napier (Gunnar, AS THE WORLD TURNS; Mike, ALL MY CHILDREN). Hugo has played guitar and saxophone in The Orlando Napier Band as well. The band was originally formed about Hugo, but Orlando quickly became the lead.

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES stars are expected to testify against Nicollette Sheridan
The witness list of those testifying on behalf of Marc Cherry include Felicity Huffman, Eva Longoria, Marcia Cross, Neal McDonough and James Denton.

SMASH Needs to Go Full Drama
"(Nick) Jonas' presence on the show — all husky crooning and silly sexiness — was only part of the show's glimmerings of real camp/soap potential last night."

AMERICAN IDOL Fave Haley Reinhart to Perform on 90210
Reinhart appears as herself in the March 27 episode, performing at a showcase, one of her backup guys drops out, and Dixon gets invited to perform with her. Alas, that sparks a conflict between Adrianna and Dixon that may lead to bigger consequences than you think.

Jennie Lee Enos has died
Married to former Y&R star John Enos since 2006, Mrs. Enos died on February 18 following a long illness, and her funeral was held last Friday.

AnnaSophia Robb To Play Young Carrie Bradshaw In CW Pilot, CARRIE DIARIES
The project is based on Candace Bushnell’s novel, a prequel to her best-seller "Sex And The City "that was adapted into the iconic HBO series.

TRUE BLOOD creator Alan Ball to step down as show-runner of the hit HBO series after its fifth season

The move frees Ball up to produce more shows for HBO and sister network Cinemax - which is airing his newest series, “Banshee”, which starts filming this spring.

Judge tosses Naked Cowboy's lawsuit against THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL
U.S. District Judge Barbara S. Jones wasn’t impressed with Robert John Burck’s claims. She said that “even an unsophisticated viewer” wouldn’t confuse the source of the soap opera with Burck’s street performances or the Naked Cowboy souvenirs he sells.

Trevor Donovan returns to 90210
Donovan has signed on to come back to "90210" for a return appearance this year, which could lead to appearances in Season 5 if the series is renewed for the fall season.

SECRET LIFE's Shailene Woodley wins Spirit Award
The 27th Film Independent’s Spirit Awards were held on Saturday night.

DOWNTON ABBEY Finale Earns Biggest PBS Ratings in Three Years
The Season 2 finale drew a whopping 5.4 million viewers.


  1. I well remember Hugo Napier on ATWT. Loved him on the show! Orlando is absolutely awesome, and I wish him luck on The Voice...and with his entire career. Considering his talent - I think success is a sure thing!

  2. I wonder if anyone realized that Carson Daly's mother-in-law played Orlando's father's love interest back in the day.

  3. Eric when I saw the episode I thought the last name sounded familiar and but when I saw Orlando's dad and looked in those eyes I immediately said, Gunnar. Had a huge crush on him in college. But I also realized the connection right away regarding Colleen Zenk's daughter and Carson. I wonder if they've kept in touch or knew.