NEWS ROUNDUP: Copycat Killer Studied UK Soaps, Jessica Tuck To GRIMM, Ryan Phillippe Pilot

CORONATION STREET copycat killer studied soap scene before murdering woman
In a chilling imitation of CORRIE villain John Stape who killed Charlotte Hoyle with a hammer, a teenager beat his victim on her head, neck and back then doused her body in petrol and set fire to her house.

Shaun Smith, prosecuting, told Nottingham crown court: “You will hear about a young man who immersed himself in a fantasy world; fantasy words he wrote, television drama, films he accessed by the internet. He did that to such an extent that boundaries between real life and fiction became very, very tragically blurred.”

Police found the boy’s computer was packed with violent scenes from soaps including HOLLYOAKS and EMMERDALE and also contained clips from the notorious torture film Saw and controversial TV shows such as TRIAL AND RETRIBUTION.

Jessica Tuck to guest star on GRIMM
Tuck is set to play Adalind’s fellow Hexenbiest mother, Catherine, in an upcoming episode titled “Love Sick,” set to air later this season.

'Dark Shadows' returns in book and movie
While Hollywood is buzzing about the big-screen revival of the franchise with Johnny Depp starring as the vampire Barnabas Collins, in a film directed by Tim Burton, there's a new book coming in April written by Kathryn Leigh Scott, who played Maggie Evans and Josette DuPr├ęs in the long-running soap.

"Dark Shadows: Return to Collinwood" written by Scott with Jim Piersonis a look back at five decades of the beloved soap opera whose popularity earned it a permanent spot in our popular culture.

Putting the Digital Future in Focus – 5 Stories that Will Shape the U.S. Digital Industry in 2012
comScore just released its 2012 U.S. Digital Future in Focus report, which is full of interesting data covering the digital industry including social media, search, online video, digital advertising, mobile and e-commerce, including an analysis of what these trends mean for the year ahead.

Ving Rhames To Star In David E. Kelley’s TNT Medical Drama Pilot CHELSEA GENERAL
Based on CNN chief medical correspondent Sanjay Gupta’s upcoming novel "Monday Mornings," the project follows the lives of five surgeons as they push the limits of their abilities and confront their personal and professional failings.

Ryan Phillippe joins CBS cop pilot
GOLDEN BOY tracks one cop’s meteoric rise from officer to detective to police commissioner.

Veteran Leslie Nicole Smith on her DAYS role
"You can imagine how honored I was to have a role in the Days of our Lives Veterans PTSD episode along with the other real deal veterans. Playing myself really allowed me to open up and honestly express my true feelings and experiences. By sharing my own struggles with PTSD, I feel strongly that veterans also struggling with PTSD were able to connect and relate to what each character represented and shared as well."

ARCHER's Jessica Walter: I don’t know how those soap opera people do it
"My hat is off. I am in awe. One of my dearest friends just was recently on DAYS OF OUR LIVES for two years, and 30 pages a night, these people have… I don’t think I could. I honestly don’t. When I did it way back, the show was 15 minutes, in black and white, and it was live. The only other soap I ever did was like eight shows on ONE LIFE TO LIVE. Eight shows is nothing. It wasn’t even every week. But I don’t know how they do it day in, day out. I’m envious. That really is astounding."

John Stamos Set To Star In Fox Comedy Pilot LITTLE BROTHER
The single-camera comedy is about a man (Stamos) who finds out that he has a half-brother (Miller) he never knew who also happens to be an ex-con.

Stephen Root joins BOARDWALK EMPIRE
Root has been cast in the recurring role of Gaston Means, a forger, swindler and murder suspect who became a Special Investigator for the United States Department of Justice under Attorney General Harry Daugherty.

Wrestling provides wild entertainment
"It is a soap opera for men. The melodramatic plot twists, the double crosses, the backstabbing behind the scenes- it's a classic soap opera. The story never ends. It continues to splay and meander off in different directions while still staying connected to the central 'good vs. evil' theme that has been at the core of professional wrestling since its inception."

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