The Year of the Soap continues with good news for GUIDING LIGHT fans. The much-anticipated collection of 20 classic episodes on a new GUIDING LIGHT Classics DVD is finally here. You can order it now at SoapClassics.com or click the banner at the top of the page.

Many of GUIDING LIGHT's all-time favorite actors are included like Charita Bauer, Michael Zaslow, Christopher Bernau, Mart Hulswit, Lisa Brown, Beverlee McKinsey, Jane Elliot, Peter Simon, Robert Newman, Grant Aleksander, Beth Ehlers, Cynthia Watros and Kim Zimmer. Those names just scratch the surface of the beloved actors and characters that appear on these 20 episodes.

Not only is the collection great viewing, it makes a great gift.  Demand for this first release will heavily influence whether or not more episodes of GUIDING LIGHT will become available on DVD, and also improve prospects`for other P&G classics.

The collection contains the same four categories that were used on the original AS THE WORLD TURNS Classics DVD, with five episodes chosen for each:

"Great Weddings"
"Secrets and Scandals"
"Villains and Vixens"
"Springfield Through the Years"

Full details on the episodes below:

Disc 1: Great Weddings

Over the course of 72 years, Guiding Light featured almost every type of wedding imaginable. This disc contains five of the best, starring some of the most beloved couples in the history of the series.

Episode 1: August 18, 1981
Kelly Nelson Marries Morgan Richards

A beautiful ceremony at Laurel Falls is juxtaposed with a the non-wedding of Nola and Floyd.

Episode 2: June 24, 1983
Quinton Chamberlain Marries Nola Reardon

Nola arrives to the church on a fire truck. The Musketeers round out the action.

Episode 3: July 18, 1989
Title: Joshua Lewis Marries Reva Shayne

The Shayne and Lewis families return to Cross Creek for an outdoor ceremony.

Episode 4: August 19, 2005
Title: Gus Aitoro Marries Harley Cooper

After four years, Gus and Harley are married after Rick tells Harley he exhumed Phillip's body.

Episode 5: September 14, 2009
Billy Lewis Marries Vanessa Chamberlain / Buzz Cooper Marries Lillian Raines

A double wedding during the final week of the show features Lillian taking a trip to Maureen's grave and Nola blowing a goodbye kiss to Company.

Disc 2: Secrets and Scandals.

Episode 1: July 27, 1981
The Many Sins of Nola Reardon

Kelly lets Nola have it after finally learning the truth about her baby.

Episode 2: July 12, 1982
And Carrie Makes Three

Word spreads around Springfield that Jackie's plane crashed and she is dead. Sara worries about Carrie's mental state. Jane Elliot was wonderful as all the Carries.

Episode 3: August 29, 1983
The Truth About Phillip

At Mindy's 18th birthday party, Bradley reveals to Phillip he is a Marler. Phillip blasts Justin and Alan.

Episode 4: January 11, 1993
Husbands, Friends, and Lovers.

Ed finds Maureen at the cabin leading to an intense confrontation. Harley and Mallet are visiting the Vietnam Memorial in D.C.

Episode 5: October 18, 2002
The Springfield Ex-Wives Club

Joan Collins stars as Alexandra who reunites Phillip's ex-wives for a board meeting.

Disc 3: Springfield Through the Years

Episode 1: December 23, 1983
Christmas 1983

Beth and Phillip get help from Nick while on the run in New York, while Springfield celebrates Christmas back home.

Episode 2: July 3, 1987
The 50th Anniversary

In the fifth of five special 50th Anniversary episodes, the Bauer Barbecue continues after Alan-Michael parachutes in. Ed Bryce returns at the end to pay tribute to Charita Bauer (great flashbacks and a Kassie DePaiva song included).

Episode 3: November 3, 1992

Ross has a dream about the women in his life while awaiting election results.

Episode 4: September 7, 2006
The 15,000th Episode

Reva dreams of a "Bizarro Springfield".

Episode 5:January 25, 2007
The 70th Anniversary Show

Beth Ehlers is brilliant as Irna Phillips and the cast recreates the show's early decades.

Disc 4: Villains and Vixens

Episode 1: April 1, 1980
On the Trail of Roger Thorpe

It's the end of the line for Roger in Santo Domingo, while back in Springfield Bert prays for God to save her sons.

Episode 2: July 30, 1984
The Fountain of Truth

"The Slut of Springfield" scene is included while Beth and Alexandra worry about Lujack.

Episode 3: December 30, 1988
Sinister Sisters

Solita and Reva battle it out with each one getting the upper hand at times.

Episode 4: July 12, 1991
Payback is a Bitch

Alexandra humiliates Roger at the Country Club.

Episode 5:January 26, 1998
Annie’s Wedding From Hell

Annie and Alan's wedding is interrupted, thanks to Reva.

NOTE: If you have a question about which characters appear on an episode, let us know. For this first collection we were working with episodes from October 1979 to September 2009. I tried to include as many eras and characters as possible on this initial set.

You can watch a free episode online now at soapclassics.com from August 26, 1983. Bradley Raines unloads on Phillip, moments after Phillip and Beth finally declare their love. What an amazing Friday show that was! The following Monday appears on the new DVD set.

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  1. Is Crystal Chappell in any of the episodes ???

  2. Quite a few. Otalia is on the double wedding a lot. Crystal is in several, Ex-Wives Club, 70th Anniversary come to mind.

  3. Are Stephanie Gatschet and Marcy Rylan in any of the episodes?

  4. I'm pretty sure Marcy is in at least two. I think everyone but a couple of people appear in the double wedding episode from the last couple of years on the show. Stephanie was in the hospital at the beginning of the 70th anniversary right? And at the end? I'm going from memory.

  5. Is the Olivia graveside confession (April 2009) on the discs!? That was amazing!

  6. Thank you Roger! Placed my order. I'm so excited to watch these again. Loved the ATWT disc set but GL is my favorite. Please keep them coming. Thanks again.

  7. Ordered and now waiting for more DVD sets.

  8. Ok, I watch any episodes of GL, but I do question, wonder why and disappoints me is if there are episodes from '79 why wasn't the rape of Holly included in collection? That is such an important episode for GL?

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. I was going to ask the same question as harlee490 asked. That was an episode that should have been on any Guiding Light collection (and it is known to exist.)

    Also Reva driving off the bridge is another iconic episode that is missing.

  11. Greg, stay tuned. It is a first collection. Reva is well-represented here and there were lots of characters to feature for fans.

    Harlee, the tapes we had access to for this DVD started in October 1979 after the rape. I think/hope that master tape is somewhere and we can use it at some point, but it wasn't available for this one.

  12. Thanks, Roger, I sure it was herculean task but I was just surprised. I will watch any GL high quality because been watching YT everyday..I ordered mine from my email alert! The online episode if you hand picked that episode GOOD JOB, it was a EXCELLENT choice. Thanks again, still waiting anxiously for the regular online episodes so I can enjoy all my soaps.

  13. The quality of these is wonderful. I saw a clip of the Nola and Quint wedding on YouTube (the whole episode isn't there) and I couldn't even make out who was sitting in the church. Watching the full episode back, you can see Chris Bernau and others I had forgotten were even there.

  14. So excited the GL DVDs are out. I know picking just 20 must have been extremely difficult. As a fan during only the last 10 years, I was selfishly hoping for at least one Joie Lenz Michelle/Danny and Jon/Tammy. But looking forward to getting to know classic characters and hopefully there will be another release with some of my favorites.

  15. I'm so excited to see Carrie Marler. I didn't watch the show then, but I have only heard amazing things about her performance. Ordered mine last night!

  16. I was hoping for some Manny (which you probably know by now), but I think this is an excellent selection. They are all either iconic episodes or feature something iconic, like Mike Bauer singing at Xmas or the Bauer BBQ. Good job! Thanks for all your efforts.

  17. Just wanted to say like everyone else here, I'm very excited about this release. I've been checking the Soap Classics website every day for the past two weeks and ordered as soon as I could. Looks like a lot of great episodes are included. Can't wait for future collections and when GL episodes (as well as the other P+G soaps) eventually go online.

    One question: Will there be a one-disc companion volume available for Guiding Light like there was for the As The World Turns collection and if so, what would be included on it?

  18. Awesome collection nonetheless. Definitely hope to see future volumes (and maybe an Edge of Night set some day? Fingers crossed!)

  19. Raptor, hopefully the fan response will be good and there will be more in the future. :)

  20. Unknown, I just remembered Jon/Tammy are also in the 15,000th episode as well. So that's at least two. He's on the last wedding.

  21. EXTREMELY disappointed that no episodes featuring Rita Stapleton/Bauer were included. She was a pivotal character during the 1970s and early '80s, and the famous "Hall of Mirrors" episode from 1980, featuring won GL its first Emmy, really should have been included.

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. Since we got a 5 ep disc for Christmas with ATWT, a similar single disc for GL would be fun for Valentine's day- greatest love stories- two 80s, two 90s, one 00s. Maybe not necessarily weddings but there are so many couples to choose from for this DVD. Maybe ones that were not able to be featured as much on the first release. I would definitely buy for myself and as little Valetines for some soap loving friends.

  24. MRT, Rita was my favorite character too but I couldn't find a place for her on this first DVD. I would have loved the Hall of Mirrors episode, but it had music we couldn't use. The music will be changed and that episode will be available someday in some capacity. We were working for this set from Oct. 1979 forward. I really wanted Rita and Eve featured and Eve appears but it didn't work out this time. Some of my favorite Rita stuff is pre-October 1979 but there is still a lot to choose from once we got through them all.

  25. Unknown, if it sells well, and I believe it is, we will see more and sooner. Stay tuned.

  26. Folks who tuned in just for Otalia may not get the fact that, for all intents and purposes, Olivia was a minor character in the history of GL. CC did some really good work on GL, but she Olivia justly take a back seat to characters such as Carrie, Alexandra, Maureen, Vanessa, Nola and Holly, in the grand scheme of things.

  27. Roger, what are the chances of a "pay per view or subscription service" of all the 1979-2009 episodes? I'd pay monthly or for each episode to watch...also, you won't have to worry about problems with the music (I did notice the Doogie Howswer scene with Ed & Michelle was cut out in the "Dreamgirls" episode) I know several people that are more than willing to pay just to be able to all of these episodes. My friends and I are are thinking of starting a campaign for this...what do you think? Only getting a few choice episodes is really just teasing us who are hard core fans.

  28. Marsha, I imagine that will happen someday. It's just quite a long process to digitize all those old tapes. I think that is the goal long-term though, maybe buying whole seasons like you can with primetime shows. I watched an episode of DALLAS last night at Amazon.com and then it offered to give me a discount if I bought the entire season.

  29. Wow, Roger I didn't know that was possible. That I would definitely do! Thank you for taking the time to talk to us. I'm really sad I missed the free GL episode that was posted (the episode when Bradley confronts Phillip, I've always wanted to see too) as I was away on my honeymoon...so now I'm just stalking the page like a mad woman so that doesn't happen again!

  30. If ANYONE is interested in selling their collection I am very interested and will pay handsomely for it. Thank you

  31. Do you know ANY GL Superfan who might have some video of Nancy Malone's character of Robin Lang Bowden Fletcher?
    She played the role from 1961-63.

    Thanks for any help you can provide!

    Richard Sackley
    Palm Springs, CA
    Go4itIL at AY OH EL