NEWS ROUNDUP: Chandler Massey's 16-Love, Y&R Cover Charge, Sh!t the Dowager Countess Says

Chandler Massey talks about his 16-Love character
"I like quite a bit about him. The thing I liked is he's a guy whose not afraid to stick his neck out there and go for it and fall flat on his face sometimes," Massey said.

Y&R: "Really should be listed with the sex stations and accompanied by a cover charge"
Terry Sprague laments the decline of quality programs on television: "Even THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS, a program that really should be listed with the sex stations and accompanied by a cover charge, has deteriorated well beyond what I thought it was capable of doing. There is not one living soul in Genoa City who has not been in bed with everyone else in that city."

Y&R's Tonya Lee Williams believes daytime drama is dying
“Now I look at daytime drama as a piece of history,” Williams said during a recent telephone interview from her home in Los Angeles. “Popularity is cyclical and budgets (for network television) are shrinking. If you’re not a CSI or CRIMINAL MINDS with gory autopsies and psycho killers, you’re at the bottom of the ladder. Things are changing, shifting. Reality television rules. I’m not dissing reality television. It’s just the way things are now.”

Williams will receive the Martin Luther King Jr. Award at the Black Theatre Workshop Vision Gala, Jan. 28.

Fans are having DOWNTON ABBEY viewing parties
A DOWNTON ABBEY viewing party, held in Boston last week, had all the theatrical trimmings of an Edwardian drama: period furnishings, food inspired by upper-crust menus of WWI and guests in ABBEY-era costume.

DOWNTON ABBEY success shows global nostalgia for UK period drama
Publishers are rushing to re-release books about Edwardian England that mirror the setting of the show, from investigations into British aristocracy to the lives of maids.

DOWNTON ABBEY: Sh!t the Dowager Countess Says (Video)

HOME AND AWAY star Esther Anderson has revealed that she may try to crack America
The actress, who plays Charlie Bucton in the soap, quit the show in 2011. Her last scenes on HOME AND AWAY will air this week in Australia, as Charlie leaves Summer Bay for good.

Tate Berney (AJ Chandler) from ALL MY CHILDREN wants to help defeat lung cancer!

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