Saturday, January 21, 2012

NEWS ROUNDUP: James Purefoy Joins REVENGE, Y&R Uniformly Unbelievable, TV’s Eerie Race-less World

James Purefoy to recur on REVENGE
Beginning in Episode 17, the soon-to-be-divorced Victoria is “going to have a big, passionate love affair” with Purefoy’s mystery man, Stowe tells The Insider.

Y&R uniformly pushes believability button
On one of the few remaining daytime TV soap operas, THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS, a wealthy woman employs a house maid who actually wears a uniform, a frilly-bordered white apron over a dark dress with a matching lace, white maid's headpiece. Even in the most unimaginable situations arising in soap cities, this is the only character who appears costumed as a French maid from a century ago. It's an odd wardrobe decision. That's not all that's odd about this form of entertainment.

Robert Hoffman set to recur on 90210 as Bob starting in March
"An easygoing surfer who is passionate about community service, Caleb is the ultimate catch. Seriously, the dude is charming and compassionate with capital 'C's. While sparks fly between him and one of our ladies, there's a slight problem. He's already promised himself to somebody: God."

NIKITA Boss to 'Start Killing People Off'
Without revealing who (or how many) would get the ax, showrunner Craig Silverstein tells TVLine that the body count is about to rise on the CW thriller.

Burt Reynolds Is ARCHER's Sterling Archer's Spirit Guide
"A lot of people had told me there was this animated show, where the lead character kept talking about me and a whole bunch of films I'd been in and was a big fan. I watched the show—first of all, I was shocked with what they could get away with because it was animated. In the 20-year-old audience, there's a lot who aren't interested in a lot of other films, and I really dig that stuff. So I thought it might be good for me to do one, and I had a great time doing it."

TV’s eerie new race-less world
In an Obama age, shows like PARENTHOOD flatter us into believing race no longer matters -- and avoid hard truth.

No meat for J.R.! DALLAS star has gone vegan
Larry Hagman, who was diagnosed a few months back with a treatable form of cancer, told a gaggle of other reporters after a TNT press session, that he’s sworn off meat on the advice of his longtime TV wife, Linda Gray, alias Sue Ellen, who looks healthy, fit and fantastic at the age of 71.

DEGRASSI co-creator to receive Order of Ontario
Linda Schuyler, best known for the DEGRASSI TV shows, will be at Queen’s Park on Thursday along with 26 other recipients to be invested by the Honorable David C. Onley, Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, with the province’s highest honour.

Maggie Gyllenhaal, Bruce Norris, Rhys Ifans & Greta Gerwig In Talks For HBO pilot THE CORRECTIONS
In the Noah Baumbach/Scott Rudin project, the four would join previously cast Chris Cooper, Dianne Wiest and Ewan McGregor. Based on Jonathan Franzen’s acclaimed book, THE CORRECTIONS revolves around the troubles of a Midwestern couple (Cooper and Wiest) and their three adult children as they trace their lives from the mid-20th century to “one last Christmas” together near the turn of the millennium.

Katherine Kelly reveals she headed straight from the cobbles to the hairdresser to wash Becky McDonald out
After finishing her final scenes as CORONATION STREET's Becky McDonald, actress Katherine Kelly knew just where she had to go next. Within minutes of leaving the famous cobbles for the last time, she headed straight to... her stylist. To get that much-loved boozy blonde washed right out of her hair.

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