Wednesday, December 7, 2011

SURVEY RESULTS: Viewers Blame ABC Disney, Frons Far More than Prospect Park, TOLN for ALL MY CHILDREN, ONE LIFE TO LIVE Epic Fail

Within 24 hours, over 500 viewers took the time to participate in our most recent survey. Thank you!

Essentially, the question was, "Who do you blame for the failure of TOLN?" Specifically, we asked:

ALL MY CHILDREN and ONE LIFE TO LIVE will not return with new web episodes this winter. In fact, it seems they may both be gone for good. Something clearly went very wrong.

Not everyone is equally responsible. In your opinion, which of the parties involved had a hand in demise of not one, but two American institutions? Choose all that apply, and please, go ahead and add your own.

Here's a chart and a table summarizing the response
(a more detailed analysis is coming soon):

31.8% answered: "The leadership of Prospect Park--they weren't up to the task."
7.5% answered: "The writers union (WGA)--they were unrealistic and stubborn."
8.8% answered: "The actors union (AFTRA)--they were unrealistic and stubborn."
46.1% answered,"The parent company (ABC/Disney)--they were unsupportive and uncooperative."
45.6% answered, "Disney fabricated the entire scheme--to take some of the heat off of ABC while drawing more attention to THE CHEW and THE REVOLUTION."
73.7% answered, "ABC's management (Brian Frons, etc.)--they sabotaged the entire process."
27.3% answered, "Prospective investors in The Online Network--they were short-sighted."
8.3% answered, "Other (please specify):".

Please note: total percentages reflect the option to choose more than one culprit.


  1. I think try hurt us fans not right we been on nerveous waited till pp gave us hope then they pull out rug from us not right I hope pp abc company see fans right watch our soaps thy want get pay we pay them by watching their shows u tell pp abc email me and fans y they doing this we have right to know y they being rude to us fans of oltl amc etc.

  2. this just is not right. i have been
    watching one life to live since day
    one you just have to keep it going.
    keep trying there is still time.
    thank you
    my whole family
    thanks you!

  3. i am a husband of my whole family
    thanks you and believe me you broke
    her heart when you said oltl was being canceled and mine to, this is
    my favorite to so, there is still

    thanks keep trying
    to save oltl