Happy New Year From Soap Classics: AS THE WORLD TURNS 1999 Now Airing

Soap Classics is now airing another free classic episode of AS THE WORLD TURNS, this time the New Year's fashion show Barbara and Carly put on back in December 1999.

You get to see most of the cast at the time, early Henry, and a nice New Year's countdown.

Remember all those millennium predictions of doom and gloom? Oakdale's citizens were seeing happy days. Well, everyone but Margo, Georgia and anyone connected to Alec Wallace's death.

Ring in 2000 again here.

- EXCLUSIVE: Soap Classics To Release GUIDING LIGHT 20-Episode 4-Disc DVD In Mid-January


  1. Sigh...I'm so READY to watch my stories again online, please hurry 2012 and get here because this episode was more enjoyable to watch compared what is on today. Thanks again!

  2. You can say that again harlee490!

    Nothing beats the storytelling of these older episodes. I'm not sure about what changed... the caliber of people working behind the scenes on these shows, a different level of commitment from the networks/production companies, or us... the fans. But whatever changed, the change was for the worse. There is nothing on network TV these days, especially during the day, that I want to watch. Bring on the online streaming Soap Classics... we're ready to watch our stories again!

  3. Absolutely love seeing these episodes again. Happy Near Year!

  4. Thanks For Another Great ATWT Holiday Episode!

    Brian :-)