Tuesday, December 27, 2011

NEWS ROUNDUP: Darren Criss in H2$, Lump of Coal for ABC, Declining Brands, Lisa Rinna

Darren Criss in "How to Succeed With Business Without Really Trying" starting January 3
Criss, best known for his role as openly-gay student Blaine Anderson on the Golden Globe Award-winning series GLEE, will succeed Daniel Radcliffe, who will exit the production Jan. 1, 2012.

Lumps of coal to these 2011 TV duds
6. ABC daytime, for bumping off ALL Y CHILDREN -- Bad enough the show still had fans. Bad enough we never found out who J.R. shot. Bad enough it was replaced by THE CHEW.

NORTH WALES: Popular S4C drama series ROWND A ROWND set to become a soap
Executive producer Susan Waters said this comes as “very positive” news for the company.

“Because the show is doing so well and is one of the channel’s favorites, S4C has asked us to make it a year-round programme,” she explained. “This would mean a lot more work for the people who are already working on the series. It will secure work for around 100 people.”

What’s in a Name? If David Gregory, A Lot.
Turns out the "hunk of the year" is not NBC’s David Gregory, whose middle name is Michael. And while his wife, no doubt, thinks her salt & pepper haired (mostly salt these days) husband is a “hunk,” the soap opera world has its own David Gregory and that’s who won the poll.

As Sears closes stores, looking at other brands that might not survive 2012
Will Sony Pictures, A&W Restaurants, American Apparel, Kellogg's Corn Pops, Soap Opera Digest, and Nokia be next?

DAYS OF OUR LIVES' Lisa Rinna Shutting Down Store
Rinna is closing the Sherman Oaks, California clothing store that was burgled twice in as many weeks a year ago. Closing notices appeared on the windows of Ventura Boulevard's Belle Gray in the run up to Christmas.

Turkish Soaps Drive Macedonians To Istanbul
In 2011 Istanbul remained one of the top holiday destinations for Macedonians, many of whom are eager to see the city where their favourite Turkish soap operas come to life.

UK RATINGS: Viewing figures for this year have been announced and the producers of EASTENDERS, CORONATION STREET and DOCTOR WHO will all be sharing celebratory drinks
The Christmas episode of EASTENDERS, which included dramatic revelations and the death of a major character, was watched by 9.92 million viewers. It was EASTENDERS' third year in a row to win this accolade, but they had to fight off tough competition from ITV's big soap CORONATION STREET, where the main storyline featured a controversial lesbian wedding.

TV networks bank on mid-season replacements
Among the most anticipated is ABC's GCB, a primetime soap set in Dallas.

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  1. I don't mention this to Y&R and B&B fans for fear of being seen as insensitive but I've been reading about SONY for years and that company is in real TROUBLE. They keep shedding divisions year by year, (this year being no exception with getting out of a partnership with Samsung) and a lot of their electronics are fairing poorly. With lower ratings (and dropping) of their 2 Daytime Dramas, one wonders if they are looking to shed the TV division of Sony Pictures as I think they still view their movie/film arm as still being valuable.
    And all their recent failings and leadership changes might not bode well for Y&R and B&B.