SURVEY RESULTS: Nadia Bjorlin, Farah Fath & Kelly Monaco have the Best DIRTY SOAP Quotes

The results are in from our viewer's choice DIRTY SOAP survey, and the five most popular quotes are listed below. Seems we're most interested in what came out of Nadia's mouth--or, um. . . the opposite? Kelly's (bitchy) comment about bitching, at second place, still captured almost a quarter of the vote. I imagine, for some, her admonition was mildly cathartic; didn't it feel like she was speaking for those who could not be heard (the audience)?

Nadia and Farah both have two quotes in the top five! Next time, let's have them whip up some zingers for the men. Just because it's a "docu-series" doesn't mean they can't prepare! Nadia can work the sexual innuendo beat, and Farah can specialize in blind irony. She'd also be perfect for the Opposite Day special episode.

So here they are, starting with the most popular:

"I plan on doing some Beemer guzzling." - Nadia Bjorlin, 37.9%

"Stop bitching about nothing." - Kelly Monaco to Farah Fath, 23.0%

"I feel sad to leave my balls behind." - Nadia Bjorlin, 16.1%

"I'm the easiest person to get along with. - Farah Fath, 12.6

"I"m a no-drama type gal." - Farah Fath, 6.9%

This Sunday we'll be live-tweeting DIRTY SOAP once again, so join us and hundreds of other fans as we all play the DIRTY SOAP drinking game together and bitch about nothing.

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