DEVIOUS MAIDS: Marc Cherry's Next Project Following DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES

Marc Cherry worked with four GOLDEN GIRLS, then a group of DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES. Up next are four DEVIOUS MAIDS. Cherry is working on his next project, a new hourlong soap at ABC, titled DEVIOUS MAIDS, an adaptation of the Mexican telenovela THE DISORDERLY MAIDS OF THE NEIGHBORHOOD.

The original story revolved around five housekeepers: Silvia, Maribel, Adela, Guillermina and Carmela, who worked in a residential condominium called “La Privada de Agua,” a quiet place where nothing ever happened, until the day the tenants decided to build a swimming pool.

Shortly after, due to a drought which brought about a drastic water shortage, some of the tenants decided to cancel the project. Other tenants did not approve and stopped talking to their neighbors. From that day on, nothing would ever be the same again.

To add to the disagreement, the mysterious disappearance of one of the tenants, plus the appearance of a suitcase full of money, came to end the peace of the neighborhood once and for all. Silvia, Maribel, Adela, Carmela and Guillermina will find themselves involved in these series of events where the only certainty is that, at the bottom of the half-finished swimming pool, there is a dead body waiting to be discovered.

The ABC series will be loosely based on the Televisa format and will center on four Latina women who are maids in Beverly Hills.

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