Brian Frons Promotes CHEW Creator to Vice President, Programming & Development, ABC Daytime

Randall Barone, the man behind the creation, development, and launch of THE CHEW, was officially promoted today. It's an interesting move, with questionable timing, given the first week's ratings and critical response. Barone has several Emmy nods from his days at GOOD MORNING AMERICA and THE OPRAH WINFREY SHOW, where he was senior supervising producer over ten years ago. He's been working on THE CHEW for about a year and a half, and reports directly to Brian Frons, president, Daytime, Disney/ABC Television Group. You can read the official release from ABC Television Network below.


Veteran television producer Randall Barone has been named vice president, Programming & Development, ABC Daytime, it was announced today by Brian Frons, president, Daytime, Disney/ABC Television Group, to whom he will report. In this role Barone will continue to oversee the programming and development for the network's award-winning talk show "The View," as well as "The Chew."

For the past year and a half, Barone was instrumental in the creation and development of "The Chew," working closely with executive producer Gordon Elliot and his team at Follow Productions. "The Chew" is the first show to debut on ABC Daytime in 15 years and combines the best of talk, food and lifestyle programming.

Barone began his career as a producer in Philadelphia. He worked at WXYZ-TV (Detroit) as an Emmy Award-winning producer of various shows and was executive producer in charge of programming at KGO-TV (San Francisco). He was the senior supervising producer of "Good Morning America" from 1990-98, in charge of special projects, and traveled the show throughout Europe, Australia and Alaska. He worked as the senior supervising producer of "The Oprah Winfrey Show" from 1998-99, and returned to ABC to work on the development of several projects for daytime television. In July 2000 he was named creative executive in charge of "The View."

Barone is a recipient of both local Emmy Awards and national Emmy Awards for his work on "Good Morning America." He resides in Manhattan.

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  1. Create a piece of crap, get
    promoted. The Corporate World is
    SO out of whack!!!

  2. Yes! He was promoted because of.......ummm.....this is like promoting me at work. I wouldn't deserve it and neither does this guy!

  3. That is WAY TOO FUNNY! That show is tanking in the ratings, and the guy who created it is getting a promotion. This is an interesting case study of how incompetence gets rewarded. That network is sinking ship!!

  4. ABC confirms here that The Chew was in development for a year and a half, so ABC moved All My Children's cast across the country knowing full well they were going to cancel it. Sick.

    Regarding Randall Barone, his promotion sounds like failing up to me.

  5. Remember blunder #9?

  6. Frons is promoting the cretin who spent a year and a half to develop a show which is tanking in the ratings? As another poster stated, this proves the cancellations were planned even when AMC was moved from NY to LA. This goes beyond stupidity, it demonstrates how vile and evil Mouse management can be.

  7. Frons needs to be fired like NOW!!!! Nobody is watching this show. So, promoting this man is pointless.

  8. I sincerely hope that Nielsen will waken up that thick skull of yours. You just had to get enough people disgusted with you. Is that your idea of smart programming?

    It is a well known fact that Pyramid is very small at the top, So Mr. Frons, I would say your fall from grace will be sooner then later. With all the food shows, you just had one more.

    Why not just get Paula on that slot, at least she's fun. And next you are putting Ka-ka-Katie Couric in the 2 PM time slot?? Good grief she already destroyed CBS's ratings and now she is going to bring in a better ad dollar on your station?

    You really haven't done much research, have you?
    Tic toc tic toc tic toc....

  9. I honestly do not understand where ABC/Disney/Frons heads are at---you make a serious mistake, taking off a long loved, lifelong fan based show with terrific actors to put on the stupidest, lowest rated show of all time! You do this while basically telling all your sponsors to take a flying leap since none of the SOAP fans will ever support THEM, BUY THEIR PRODUCTS/ watch ABC/Disney AGAIN and call those fans "MORONS and TURDS"! You also delete ANY and ALL comments made that aren't sappy, positive ones...........and you promote the idiots that made this ALL happen!!! ARE YOU TRYING TO TAKE ABC/DISNEY OFF THE AIR TOTALLY?????

  10. Apparently they believe in Putt's Law at Disney.

  11. In Frons' delusional world, this is the right thing to do, if only to show those who ridicule him that he is still in control. Someone needs to reign him in.

  12. What you don't understand in your little soap bubble is that while a couple million people watched soaps, millions upon millions more did not watch soaps. And those people are younger, buy more "things" and are more numerous than you are. They are the audiences ABC is trying to attract with talk shows.

    God, get over yourselves.

  13. A promotion for creating a crappy show, with crappy ratings and pissing off millions of loyal soap fans in the process. It wont be long before ABC is no longer a major network.

  14. Brion Frons needs to be fired. Two beloved ABC soaps gone. I will not watch any show ABC has to offer from this day forward. Boycott all ABC shows to get results!!!!!!