UNEARTHED: NBC Finds a Piece of THE DOCTORS Set at 30 Rock; Will The Show Be Back?

NBC news man (and frequent 30 ROCK guest star) Brian Williams has a new news magazine show launching soon called ROCK CENTER. NBC is currently constructing a new multimillion-dollar studio for the show which has been a TV version of an archaeological dig.

"We've found a piece of the set from the soap opera THE DOCTORS," Williams told TV Guide. "And an old applause sign from when they did live TV there."

THE DOCTORS last aired on December 31, 1982.

Soap history uncovered! No word on what the set piece was or what they did with it.

Meanwhile, We Love Soaps contacted SFM, the company that owns the rights to THE DOCTORS and here's the latest update on what's happening with the show: "We are in discussions right now with a major cable channel about resurrecting THE DOCTORS. There is also a possibility for a syndication of the episodes, especially since ABC cancelled two major soaps. Stay tuned."

In other THE DOCTORS news, former star Alec Baldwin is hosting SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE this weekend for a record 16th time. He told Philly.com: "I'd like to think that I have some place in the fabric of NBC's history. I'm not Johnny Carson or Katie Couric, but I've done [30 ROCK] for six years and SNL. I actually started my career [there] doing a soap opera, so I have a lot of NBC on my resumé - for me to now be a question during a building tour, it makes sense."

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  1. I just read the post about Hallmark article showing reruns of The Doctors, it was old article. A friend of mine was a big viewer of NBC daytime (myself CBS)and said this was a great little soap. Is Hallmark not going to show the reruns now?

  2. Hallmark switched management in the middle of that. I'm trying to get an update, but doesn't seem like it's happening. But maybe The Doctors will be released another way at some point. Will post as soon as I know something.

  3. The Hallmark deal was announced five (!) years ago. The only credence it had was that it was done by SFM which holds the rights to "THE DOCTORS."

    SFM owns numerous well-known properties that in the past were heavily promoted and exploited in all forms of media. You may recall the SFM Holiday Network that ran every Christmas through the 70's. However, at present, SFM seems to be dormant.

    The only logical distribution system for "THE DOCTORS" seems to be the internet. I would gladly pay a subscription to view episodes. Perhaps if AMC and OLTL really do well, we can expect P&G to also put their programmes back online again.

  4. Loved this show...so many great ones came out of it. Hubbard!

  5. Love love this show .Can we please have a soap network.Me and 6 million other people want this at night,late night,all day and every day.Please here us!!!Put it on canle and sat. services