Today in Soap Opera History (September 1)

On this date in...

1988: On GUIDING LIGHT, Reva butted heads with Alexandra.

1989: Young female fans tossed panties and bras on stage during a pop concert by THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS heartthrob Michael Damien in Dubuque, Iowa. Police reported more than 60 people were slightly hurt when some in the crowd of four-thousand toppled barriers.

1994: "Soap Opera : The Inside Story of Procter & Gamble" was released by Simon & Schuster. Wall Street Journal reporter Alecia Swasy tells the chilling story of life within P&G.

2010: On AS THE WORLD TURNS, Luke told Noah he was in love with Reid.

Celebrating a birthday today are:
Lily Tomlin (ex-Roberta, DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES) - 72
James Rebhorn (Angus/ex-Henry, AS THE WORLD TURNS; ex-Bradley, GUIDING LIGHT; ex-Al, SEARCH FOR TOMORROW; ex-John, TEXAS; ex-Tom, THE DOCTORS) - 63
Philece Sampler (ex-Donna, ANOTHER WORLD; ex-Lacey, RITUALS; ex-Renee, DAYS OF OUR LIVES) - 58
Ricardo Chavira (Carlos, DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES) - 40
Kevin McClatchy (ex-Nick, ANOTHER WORLD; ex-Evan, GENERAL HOSPITAL; ex-Vinnie, GUIDING LIGHT; ex-Brian, ONE LIFE TO LIVE)
Adrienne Wilkinson (VENICE, ex-Lois, UNDRESSED) - 34

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  1. Beverlee McKinsey was a great Alexandra. Loved seeing Harley's 80's get-up.
    I miss GL still.

  2. Thank you for the these posts. Especially, when you have GL, ATWT, AW, EON, LOVE IT. Any SFT? GL was my soap and this brings back memories mostly good. But Daniel P. was the worse Alan. Love seeing Harley & A-M (original) as seniors..ahhh wonderful. Thank You, a fan of your site.

  3. How in the world could you consider posting this ATWT clip?? The Goutman-invented couple of Luke and the doctor was completely senseless and meaningless. Wouldn't watch this clip if you paid me. Worthless!!!