FLASHBACK: Chris Goutman - Coasting Toward Better Tomorrows 1979

The October 1979 issue of The Soap Box newsletter featured a story on actor Chris Goutman, who was playing Marc D'Antoni on CBS's SEARCH FOR TOMORROW at the time. He would later go on to star on THE EDGE OF NIGHT, TEXAS, and RYAN'S HOPE and work work as a director and/or producer at ALL MY CHILDREN, ANOTHER WORLD, AS THE WORLD TURNS, THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS, and DAYS OF OUR LIVES.

The article opens with this line: "Christopher Goutman may not be a name that immediately rings bells for you but file it away in your memory because over the next few years, his name may sound as familiar to you as your own."

He said later in the article, "I don't think I'm cut out to do anything but what I'm doing." What would the daytime soap landscape look like today if he had stayed in acting?

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  1. UGH! another show killer! Can not forgive him for what he did to ATWT. He started so wonderfully and then ego kicked in and MADD was fired from P&G and he went hog wild. As talent goes he by far was a much better director (and Ellen W. for that matter)then the position of EP. I will say after FEB of 2010 (the bs of Mick Dante and brain chip) finished up, he actually went back to agree what ATWT was about with more traditional style of soap. Why he didn't to this 3 years before I just don't know. I see now why P&G had Exe-in-Charge of productions for all those years for their soaps. It kept the effing EP under control on direction. After MADD left he & EW was left unattended on the playground and results was cancellations.

  2. Hope P&G retained him to direct Charmin toilet paper commercials. The ones with the cartoon bears.

  3. I simply don't understand why We Love Soaps would waste a single moment on this man....