Saturday, September 24, 2011

Catherine Hickland: Don't Worry About ALL MY CHILDREN, Actors "Just Need A Moment To Decompress"

Actress Catherine Hickland (ONE LIFE TO LIVE; CAPITOL; TEXAS; THE CITY) has written an interesting new blog entry about the end of ALL MY CHILDREN and the future.

Writes Hickland: "Please don't be too disappointed that AMC is not moving along as fast as OLTL is as far as actors signing on. The actors for AMC have a lot more to think about. They do not yet know who is writing long term, who is producing long term. They have been through the ringer, moved across the country for no good reason, shooting so much material, for so many years, for so many hours, been jerked around, lied to, made to feel small, old, replaceable, and they are just plain exhausted, physically and emotionally. They just need a moment to decompress."

"OLTL on the other hand, will have the same team, and the transition will be rather seamless with Frank Valentini at the helm. The actors know exactly what to expect, and exactly when. Frank started out being the producers assistant and worked his way up doing every job imaginable, and surviving every regime. He knows this genre, and can do every job. But he won't. He will most likely hire great people and let them do their job so he can do his job, and a big job it is."

Read the entire "It's A New Day, Child" blog post here.

Hickland was previously married to ALL MY CHILDREN star Michael E. Knight.

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  1. Catherine,

    Many thanks I'm passing on to you for clarifying those details for we soap fans who do not know what's what!

  2. Catherine Hickland speaks the painful truth and I applaud her for doing so! She's simply amazing and a great actress to boot!

  3. Catherine Hickland would be a great addition to AMC, especially if they need to fill a few "vet" holes left by non-returning actors. She has great chemistry and a great relationship with ex-husband Michael Knight and her character Lindsay Rappaport would get fantastic new life in Pine Valley and offer ready-made crossover opportunities with the "new" OLTL.

  4. Thank you for letting us know what is going on.

    Hearing those details, actors decisions make more sense.