A Memorable TV Fireman Remembers 9/11: Nelson Aspen Talks With Eddie Cibrian

A Memorable TV Fireman Remembers 9/11
By Nelson Aspen

I had the chance to catch up with Eddie Cibrian (ex-Sunset Beach, Young & Restless) in advance of the 10 year anniversary of 9-11. I first interviewed him in NYC years ago when he was playing fireman Jimmy Doherty on the popular TV series THIRD WATCH. I assumed that his Manhattan residency, combined with portraying one of the city's first responders and learning so much about the special qualities it takes to hold such a job, would give him an interesting perspective on the emotional milestone.

Nelson Aspen: What are your memories of 9/11?
Eddie Cibrian: I was living in NYC on the west side 8 blocks away from the World Trade Center at the time. I remember looking out my window at the Westside Highway and seeing an exodus of people. I went outside and saw both towers on fire. I remember it vividly. I went back up to my apartment to check the news and by the time I returned outside, it was like someone took an eraser to the skyline; the towers were gone. It was the most vulnerable time for me as an American and strangely the most inspiring time. The loss, the disbelief, lead way to unity, unselfishness and sacrifice that occurred in the days that followed. People coming together to help people. The human spirit at its finest.

Nelson Aspen: Are you doing anything in particular to commemorate the anniversary?
Eddie Cibrian: I will be in NY on the 10th anniversary of 9-11. I plan to go to the corner where I used to live-where I stood 10 years ago and witnessed the most tragic event in US history- and just silently....say a prayer.


In addition to a new wife, LeAnn Rimes, Eddie will premiere in the new TV series THE PLAYBOY CLUB this fall. He is also the "spokeshunk" for Charisma's new line of bedding & towels. See? Even in primetime, the Soap is never far away!

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