NEWS ROUNDUP: Steve Blackwood Movie, Judith Light, Vanessa Marano, Terry Pheto, Ashley Fink

Former DAYS actor Steve Blackwood has role in upcoming film, Machine Gun Preacher
"The casting people called me in on Machine Gun Preacher because they heard I was one of the better known actors in Detroit. I was on the set only on shooting day, but the passionate Gerry Butler and Director Marc Forster called me in the day before to REHEARSE the scene without cameras... like a stage play… how cool."

Judith Light to guest star on TV Land's THE EXES
Light will guest star as Kristen Johnston’s mother on the network’s new comedy series.

How TV Dramas Depict the War on Terror, post-9/11
The Lear Center has released a new report, Primetime War on Drugs & Terror, which provides a surprising portrait of the War on Terror and the War on Drugs as seen in TV dramas. The study analyzed 49 hours of 10 top-rated TV series with storylines including terrorism or drugs that aired in 2010.

Monica Raymund to recur on THE GOOD WIFE
Raymund, 25, will play a prosecutor working for newly re-elected Cook County State's Attorney Peter Florrick (Chris Noth). Here's how co-creator and executive producer Michelle King teased the role for "We know she'll be amazing across from Matt Czuchry, since they get to work together — both professionally, and perhaps more-than-professionally."

Ashley Fink’s GLEE screen time will be drastically reduced following the Sept. 20 season premiere
Her character, Lauren Zizes, abruptly [MAJOR SPOILER ALERT] quits New Directions and breaks up with her steady beau Puck (Mark Salling).

Dave Grohl Continues to Rant About GLEE (With a Few F-Bombs) on CHELSEA LATELY

A wedding for Teddy on 90210?
Trevor Donovan's character, Teddy Montgomery, will not only meet a new love interest in a gay rights activist on the upcoming season, but that the two will be getting MARRIED after attending his sister's wedding and ending up in Vegas.

Trevor Donovan: Playing a gay character gets me girls!
"It's been good for me," admits the actor. "Girls want to challenge it. They kind of assume I'm [gay in real life] and try to change me back. Of course, I let them!"

Sarah Michelle Gellar sort of plays five characters on RINGER
"The joke is that I'm playing five characters," Gellar explains. "I play Siobahn and Bridget present day, both women in flashback, and then 'Shivette,' which is when Bridget is pretending to be Siobahn."

Candace Bushnell Book "One Fifth Avenue" Gets ABC TV Adaptation
The author's post-"Sex and the City" book, "One Fifth Avenue," has been optioned by ABC television for an hourlong drama series, with the network no doubt hoping that the tome's very familiar formula will once again create a sensation.

South African actress Terry Pheto talks about her BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL Los Angeles experience
“Luckily for me I’d been to Los Angeles before, an opportunity I first got when Tsotsi was nominated for an Oscar. I already had friends there, which made me feel more at home. It’s just that this time it was more empowering to wake up and go to work – before it would just be short visits, marked by endless shopping sprees and watching my friends go to work.”

Vanessa Marano to guest on CSI
She will appear on the same episode as Johnny Messner. Marano will star in the show as Samantha, the estranged daughter of Messner's character, a former prisoner called Frank. After learning that Samantha is a "street gang groupie", Frank becomes determined to get her back.

Shenell Edmonds would love to continue with ONE LIFE TO LIVE
"I would love the chance to continue to play Destiny. It’s hard to think about what that will look like so we all just focus on the show as it is now. It’ll all work out the way it is supposed to."

Soap fan Joseph Ray Benavidez has passed at age 72
From time to time there is an obituary in the paper that mentions soap operas. 72-year-old Joseph Ray Benavidez from Greely, CO, passed away on Sept. 2, and he was a sports fanatic who also loved ONE LIFE TO LIVE. Rest in pace, Joseph.

DOCTOR WHO's Mark Strickson compares sci-fi to soaps
"It's perfectly easy to have reactions in the soap opera because they [have storylines that] are part of your life. You have girlfriends, you eat meals, you have some sort of reference to those sorts of things, and you're reacting to the emotions of the person you are acting with, right?

"When you're running down a corridor with a jelly-like monster chasing you, that is not what real life is about.'' Despite being a safe bet for conventions, like the Armageddon Expo in Hamilton next April, Strickson says he will have little time next year for anything other than producing."

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