Sunday, September 4, 2011

NEWS ROUNDUP: Y&R Reaches New Ratings Lows, Josh Duhamel Visits Flooded Hometown

Daytime Soap Ratings: Y&R Hits New Lows, ABC 1, 2, 3 in W18-34 demo
America's top-rated daytime soap opera THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS hit new lows for the week of August 22-26 in total viewers, W18-49 and W18-34. ONE LIFE TO LIVE was the top-rated show in the W18-34 demo and ABC's top-rated daytime soap.

Multigenerational homes surging, census shows
The United States is experiencing a surge in the multigenerational households that were once a common feature of American life, and Hispanic and Asian families are driving the trend, according to Census Bureau data. The number of such households, defined as those with three or more generations living under one roof, grew to almost 5.1 million in 2010, a 30 percent increase from 3.9 million in 2000, the data show.

They hit 2.9 million in 1950 and didn’t top that again until four decades later, according to the Washington-based Pew Research Center. At the 1980 low, multiple-generation homes represented just 2.9 percent of all U.S. households, down from 7.8 percent in 1900.

ALL MY CHILDREN's Chrishell Stause to Guest Star on BODY OF PROOF
According to TV Line, Stause will come on board the Dana Delany-anchored drama in November as a party planner whose boyfriend is found dead. She'll be a suspect in the murder and appear on the sixth installment of Season Two.

Josh Duhamel Visits Flooded Hometown; Black Eye Peas Perform
Duhamel says he believes his North Dakota hometown will rebuild from a devastating flood, and on Saturday he shared that hopeful message with thousands of people attending a benefit concert he helped plan.

Port Chuck will perform during 2011 MDA Telethon
GENERAL HOSPITAL fans will want to tune in during hour five of the telethon when the band Port Chuck will perform. The band members include fan-favorites Steve Burton (Jason Morgan), Bradford Anderson (Damian Spinelli), Scott Reeves (Steven Webber) and MDA National Celebrity Ambassador, Brandon Barash (Johnny Zacharra).

Tika Sumpter calls soaps viewers the "most loyal fan base ever"
“They are the most loyal fan base ever,” says the bubbly 28-year-old, who spent nearly five years on the ABC afternoon soap. “They’ll basically let you know they were a fan before everything. They’ll definitely bring you back down to Earth.”

Brad Pitt and Ryan Murphy producing movie version of "The Normal Heart"
The flick centers on Larry Kramers's HIV/AIDs awareness and gay rights activism in the '80s.

Hisako Manda's inheritance saga plays out like melodrama (Japan's Susan Delfino)
Manda and her common-law partner businessman Chikara Sasaki have a son, who can receive something from his estate, but Manda is entitled to nothing, even though she supported Sasaki financially during a period when his business was on the ropes. She provides the Japanese voice for the character of Susan Delfino for local broadcasts of the American prime time soap opera DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES.

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  1. It's sad to see Y&R's ratings crater like this. Only last year, it had rating approaching 5 million viewers. What happened? I think it's lost focus by losing sight of characters and basic logic.

    Too often, Y&R characters over the last 2 years have not acted true to their intelligence, history, or common sense. Instead of telling great stories, Y&R has been going for outlandish stories.

    Let's look at the character of Jill Foster Abbot Fenmore. Here is a woman who fought her way from the working class to be CEO of Jabot and then co-CEO of her father's company Fenmore's department store. A woman with that kind of ambition would not throw away a CEO position to become a marketing director at another Jabot. How does that make career sense?

    What about Neil Winters? Would a 40-something man who has been married twice, and have been in conflict with his brother over several women, decide to have unprotected sex with the woman who just broke up with his brother? Why? Why would an intelligent man like Neil have unprotected sex? Why would he sleep with his brother's girlfriend just for sex?

    Then there's Sharon Newman. Good Lord. How can a woman or a man be as self-destructive as Sharon Newman? Apparently easily as written by Maria Arena Bell. Sharon has married and then returned to the man who stole her baby, convinced her the child was dead, and also committed horrific psychological warfare against another innocent woman that resulted in the death of her unborn child (whose remains he burned in the woman's fireplace!).

    The list of examples of smart people acting stupidly is long and embarrassing. It speaks volumes to the incompetence of Y&R's leadership.