NEWS ROUNDUP: Brian Frons Says Outcry Means They Did A Good Job, Sheridan Responds To Possible Edie DH Return, GLEE Stars Talk 3D Movie

Brian Frons says outcry over canceled soaps "proves we did a good job these last 40 years." Peter Porte joins THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS as Paul's son. Nicollette Sheridan on returning to DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES: "Edie Britt is dead." Christie Clark and Patrick Muldoon dish on their return to DAYS OF OUR LIVES. Julia Barr recalls playing Erica Kane in David Canary's audition. GLEE stars discuss 3D movie on SUNRISE with Nelson Aspen.

TCA: ABC Daytime's Brian Frons Says Outcry Over Canceled Soaps "Proves We Did A Good Job These Last 40 Years"
Frons said that after the Prospect Park deal fell into place, All My Children's producers were forced to scramble to make the series ending more open-ended rather than final, since the series would now be continuing on after all.

He added that the cancellations became necessary due to diminishing returns at the network. "We were at that point where we had to sit and look at what we were doing, and see if there were different opportunities for us in terms of serving a bigger audience. We looked at what was happening on cable -- in the food space, the lifestyle space, the talk space, the reality space -- and we just saw a very large audience and an opportunity."

Peter Porte joins THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS as Paul's son
Porte has been cast in the contract role of Ricardo "Ricky" Williams.

Nicollette Sheridan on Returning to DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES: Edie Britt Is Dead
"That's news to me," Sheridan told Kathie Lee Gifford and Billy Bush on TODAY when she was initially asked about Marc Cherry's statement. When Bush pressed her with question about whether or not she will agree if she is asked, the blonde beauty claimed, "I had an amazing time playing that character. I loved her dearly, but they killed her! She's dead."

Christie Clark and Patrick Muldoon Dish on Their Return to DAYS OF OUR LIVES
Clark: I've stayed friends with all my lovers on the show.
Muldoon: Once you go to bed with Christie, you don't forget it!

GLEE stars discuss 3D movie on SUNRISE with Nelson Aspen
Harry Shum, Jr., Cory Monteith and Heather Morris are interviewed.

Australian actor Jason Donovan eyes UK soap opera role
The 43-year-old - who sprang to fame in the late 80s as NEIGHBOURS' Scott Robinson - now lives in the UK with his wife Angela and their three children, and admitted he is keen to do more TV work.

OSN in Dubai to air GLEE inspired musical comedy show
Dubai-based TV station Orbit Showtime Network (OSN) is in set to launch a musical series inspired by the success of the American TV show GLEE, the producer behind the show said. HINDISTANI will debut in October as the cornerstone of OSN’s comedy entertainment channel and tells the story of an Arab shop owner in Riyadh trying to balance his struggling business and his romance with an Indian woman.

Julia Barr recalls playing Erica Kane in David Canary's audition
When David Canary, who played Adam/Stuart Chandler, auditioned for the show, Barr recalls, he was supposed to run lines with Susan Lucci, aka the glamorous Erica Kane. But the actress was on vacation.

“So I played Erica in David’s audition, and had a great time,” Barr writes. “The best thing is David was cast in the role as Adam.”

EDITOR'S NOTE: Read our recent interview with Julia Barr here.


  1. Frons is so creepy.

  2. Brian Frons is a total d*ck. He can't take credit for any kind of success on AMC or OLTL, just their downfall which seems pre-meditated. If he was on fire, I wouldn't spit on him.