Monday, July 11, 2011

NEWS: Eric Braeden Calls Emmys "Farce", Walt Willey, CUCUMBER

Eric Braeden calls the Daytime Emmys a "farce"
"Under no circumstances would I have been there," Braeden told TV Guide Magazine. "I think it's a joke. It's a farce. And it has been that way for a lot of years. They make it more ridiculous every year. I don't watch it because they [pre-]nominate from within each show now — some genius came up with that nonsense a few years ago — and it has turned the system into a popularity contest. I'm very glad Heather Tom won. And Bradley Bell. They are decent people in this business. And, of course, Maria Bell, who has done a very good job. But I don't think about the Emmys. You are the one who brought it up. I just ignore it and so do two or three other people at Y&R."

Walt Willey in the dark about ALL MY CHILDREN pickup
"You know as much as I do," Willey told The Times. "Everyone I've spoken to, in terms of actors, not a soul has been contacted."

Willey believes few ALL MY CHILDREN fans are Internet-savvy, and is skeptical about how some might be able to see new episodes.

"It's an interesting choice. The fans have worked very hard on our behalf, but this could be a hollow victory for them," he said.

QUEER AS FOLK Creator Returns With New Series
The show, called CUCUMBER, is now in development between Russell T. Davies and BBC Worldwide Productions. The project was not exactly a secret, as it had been rumored for quite a while, mostly under the original working title of MGM: MORE GAY MEN.

Unlike his original Showtime hit, however, these lives are not going to be about the young (and sometimes too young) and the handsome. Instead, it's going to focus more on older gay men and some of their jealousy to the types of characters that would've been found in the original QUEER AS FOLK.

UK Regulator Asks If News Corp Is Fit To Own BSkyB After Growing Scandal Leads To Inquiries And Arrest
Ofcom, the UK communications regulator, says it has concerns as to whether News Corp is a fit-and-proper owner for BSkyB in light of the worsening News of the World scandal.

Mexican stars, Hollywood dreams
More actors from Mexico are working on both sides of the border in English- and Spanish-language productions, a trend sparked largely by the surging Latino population in the U.S.


  1. Eric Braeden and Walt Willey sound like very sensible guys.

  2. I agree with Braeden.

    You would think the AMC stars would be contacted soon. If this process really started in May surely there is a solid plan by now.