Tuesday, May 24, 2011

NEWS: Univision, Andrea Parker, Larry Hagman, Erika Christensen

What's The Fastest-Growing TV Network In America? Univision
One TV network is serving the fastest-growing consumer population in the country — at times edging out ABC, NBC and CBS in the coveted 18- to 49-year-old viewer demographic. And it isn't broadcast in English.

What's the Spanish-language and Hispanic community asking for? A wide genre of programming akin to any English network: news, information and entertainment — with a growing cultural relevance for its audience.

Take Spanish-language soap operas, known as telenovelas. They're not soap operas in the American sense. They're broadcast during primetime, every night of the week.

And for an actor in the Spanish-language or Hispanic media space, Conde says, starring in a telenovela can be "the apex of their career" — what starring in a Hollywood blockbuster is for English-speaking actors.

"We have our George Clooney, our Brad Pitt, our Angelina Jolie — every single night," he says. "Must-see TV that occurs every single day in episodic continuation."

With soap operas ending, P&G moves into digital branded content
A visit to the Procter and Gamble corporate website will immediately yield the perspective that drives the company culture: "Finding strength in purpose." The four cornerstones of this mission statement, as defined by P&G, are "consumer understanding, innovation, brand-building, go-to-market, and scale."

Larry Hagman on DALLAS pilot: "It would be great to be working at 80"
"I just finished shooting last week," Hagman said. "I did two days on the show. We'll know whether they want to buy it in about three weeks or so.

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS casts Alison's Mom
Andrea Parker makes her PLL debut in the sixth episode of the cable sudser’s second season (premiering Tuesday, June 14) as Jessica DiLaurentis, Ali’s seemingly sweet mom who returns to Rosewood to oversee a charity fashion show being held in her daughter’s honor.

Patricia Heaton turns to the Web with new series
Heaton is starring in VERSAILLES, an eight-part Web series created by her husband, David Hunt, and available on MyDamnChannel.com.

PARENTHOOD Season 3: "Heartbreaking" Baby Drama Ahead for the Bravermans
"Adoption can be quite a process, and then at the same time, Kristina having gotten pregnant, that's heartbreaking for me to think about Julia finding out," Erika Christensen (Julia) told TVGuide.com. "I'm really interested to see how she finds out, how she deals with that and how it affects Julia and Kristina's relationship and the two families."

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  1. Why doesn't some network become a soap network and not soapnet owned by Disney.There would be a Hugh and I mean huge viewer auditions.